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Whatever the motive, be it for a team meeting, decision-making at an annual general meeting, or creating a five-year strategic plan, there are many good reasons for getting away from your usual environment, even for a short time. Creativity, inspiration, excitement, attentiveness, and innovation are without doubt the main contributing factors to a successful business meeting.

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Of course, most meeting rooms in Brussels offer flexible spaces, access to new technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, caterers, and flawless services. However, one of the most important factors in ensuring a successful meeting and in promoting innovative thinking is undoubtedly the atmosphere of a venue, which should never be overlooked.

Are you wondering how to stimulate creativity and boost participant engagement at your company, association, or focus group event? Make sure you choose a meeting space that will inspire your guests.

Here is a selection of meeting venues and convention centers in Brussels each with its own special characteristics to will stimulate your participants. These spaces also offer unusual seminar rooms and inimitable alternatives.


Good natural or artificial lighting is essential for efficient productivity and enhancing human activity. Good lighting improves mood and boosts energy. It is particularly important for meetings as it helps to reduce fatigue and improve attentiveness and concentration.



Exchanging ideas under the gaze of great works of art is also possible:  Art galleries and museums lend themselves to themed events and are intellectually stimulating. Cultural values, artistic inspiration, and heritage history will inspire your delegates and add value to your meeting.


Large open spaces

Well-ventilated, open spaces are conducive to participant interaction. Modern and multi-functional, they can be adapted to small and large groups. Open spaces are ideal for every kind of event in many sectors.


Fresh air

A natural environment has a positive impact and gives us all a sense of well-being. Your delegates will suffer less mental fatigue and stress if they can meet in surroundings where events can also be held outdoors.



People usually get an extra charge of inspiration when they are relaxing wherever it may be, in a park or a café, for example. Interaction with other people, stimulating surroundings, and unusual facilities lend themselves to lively, atypical interchanges – conviviality can bring a lot to the table!



Dividing participants into groups according to different criteria for cooperative learning develops critical thinking and collaborative communication skills. For this type of event, it is essential to find a venue with many subcommittee rooms.



Heritage buildings are a very attractive choice for social gatherings. Most of these places were designed to bring people together. They will add old-world elegance to your meeting allowing your delegates to dream and to travel back in time!



Transport of people or goods, trade, and social exchange have always been essential factors in our daily lives. Going to work or going on holiday – transport connects people.



Music can be powerfully influential. It plays an important part in the daily lives of most people!  Meeting in a setting dedicated to music is a golden opportunity to work on shared knowledge as well as discovering different tastes, nuances, and rhythms.



That you are either creative or not, is one of the greatest perpetuating myths about creativity – everyone has creative ability!

The creative energy of your meeting participants cannot fail to be stimulated by the inspiring designs of these spaces that embody artistic expression.


When you have chosen your convention center or meeting space in Brussels, create an unforgettable event

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