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Albert Hall

Discover Albert Hall, an art deco event space located near European institutions. Ideal for conferences, product launches, galas, and more.

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Bibliothèque Solvay

Offering high level services and top equipment into Heritage masterpiece.

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blankspace Brussels

blankspace is a boutique event venue located in EU neighbourhood of Brussels. What makes us stand out is flexibility of our space, level of service and location!

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Within BOZAR’s magnificent and prestigious Art Deco building, designed by the legendary Belgian architect Victor Horta, we offer a variety of unique and stunning spaces and auditoriums for your events.

  • Number of event rooms : 10
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 2100 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 2100 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 700 m²
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A venue rich in history which has been restored and equipped with the best technologies. The Claridge will enchant the elegant phlegmatic and the hyper connected technophiles at once. It is a landmark building in the new European quarter in Brussels.

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A landmark building. A broadcasting house that was revolutionary in its architecture, its technology and its concept. From its very beginnings, in 1933, Flagey aspired to be a meeting place, an agora.

  • Number of event rooms : 12
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 800 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 1000 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 889 m²

La Maison du Cygne

On the world famous Grand Place, our house is a blend of modernity and tradition. With 6 unique lounges, each space crafts a refined ambiance for all guests.

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Maison de la Poste

This former goods train station has been transformed into the most inspiring conference and events centres in Brussels where participants from all over the world meet to share ideas and to create stories.

  • Number of event rooms : 15
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 600 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 600 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 800 m²
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Plein Publiek BXL

Green house in a historical building in the centre of Brussels!

  • Nombre de salles événementielles : 4
  • Capacité maximale (théâtre) : 200 personnes
  • Capacité maximale pour un évènement unique : 500 personnes
  • Plus grande salle (en mètres carrés) : 180 m²

Residence Palace – International Press Center

An exceptional art deco setting for all your events, in the heart of the European district.

  • Number of event rooms : 10
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 150 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 300 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 250 m²
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Sparks Meeting

Sparks the perfect environment to elevate your corporate meetings to new heights. Immerse yourself in innovative and thematically inspired meeting spaces, complemented by a dedicated ecosystem of experts and services.

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TRACK is a hidden gem located in the former railway museum of the Brussels North station. A creative environment on a multi modal location with a breathtaking view over the station and Brussels.

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Wolf Food Market

Unique venue in the heart of Brussels with a lot of detail for architecture and design.
On site there are 17 restaurants, a microbrewery, 2 bars and 3 privatizable areas.