Concert Noble
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Concert Noble

  • Rue d’Arlon/Aarlenstraat, 84
    1040 Bruxelles/Brussel

Offering high level services and top equipment into Heritage masterpiece.

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When an architectural witness of the past becomes you present

Edificio is a value: to be a path finder.
Edificio is a duty: to give life to our Past by offering him a future.
By collaborating with us, you take part to the preservation of our Heritage. Future generation will be able to witness our great History because of you!

Go crazy with your imagination, let us know, and we’ll design a perfect event with you. We’ll cook something that mixes the Heritage with modern twists.

Edificio is the unique Event & Cultural Agency whose activities are the way to reach our only purpose: offer a Future to our Past by giving him a Present. We are specialized in the organization of events in Heritage venues.

By organizing an event with our help in these prestigious venues, you participate in the preservation of this heritage, you offer a gift to your guests by giving them the opportunity to discover treasures of history.

  • Number of event rooms : 4
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 400 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 650 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 375 m²

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Getting there

  • Heritage, an architectural witness of the past, becomes you present,your gift to the participants of the events we organize for you.


Venue assets

  • Reduced mobility access
  • Business centre
  • On-site audio-visual team
  • Dedicated events team
  • Sustainable management
  • List of recommended caterers
  • Cleaning included
  • Paid parking


Halls and capacities

Surface (m²) Concert Cocktail Seated dinner Cabaret Theatre School Open square (U) Closed square (O)
Antichamber 50 50 30 18 30 20 17 20
Ballroom 400 600 450 270 500 180 68 90
Banqueting room 190 200 150 90 180 80 55 66
Buffet 60
Card room 45 45 30 18 35 20 17 20
Drawing room 18