Introducing a New Member at Brussels Special Venues: Skyhall

Skyhall venue with a conference
Skyhall venue with a dinner

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our Brussels Special Venues family. It’s Skyhall by Brussels Airport.

After extensive restorations by the Brussels Airport Authority, our new member has transitioned from a transit hub into a luxury event venue.

Skyhall offers a lot of value to venue seekers. It has incredible scenery and imposing spaces. It also boasts seamless technology and top-tier customer service to ensure smoothly managed gatherings.

If you’re looking for a place to arrange conferences or networking sessions, Skyhall will meet all your criteria. The high-end corporate venue space offers the ultimate experience for industry functions.

What are you waiting for? Let your next event soar to new heights at Skyhall, an established event venue at an international airport.

Overview of Skyhall: New Member at Brussels Special Venues

As far as Brussels Special Venues with a difference go, Skyhall celebrates its unconventionality. The hall, tucked away inside a busy airport, reimagines the phrase “high-flying success.” It does so with a refreshing and unique perspective. And here’s why.

The airport event space’s best feature is its floor-to-wall windows. They reveal great views of the runways and the airport’s hubbub.

Yet, there’s more to Skyhall than its panoramas. You can adjust the halls’ two floors of space to match your size requirements precisely. Therefore, lack of space won’t restrict your vision. 

So, let your imagination take flight as you plan your future. The large event space in Brussels suits small gatherings, big business events, and everything in between.

While the wide-open spaces and airport vistas impress, Skyhall’s secret weapon lies in its design. Since its complete facelift, Skyhall represents understated luxury, modernity, and elegance. It has first-class rooms fitted out for all uses.

Unpacking Skyhall’s Rich History: An Airport Event Space

The late 1950s was a historic milestone for our nation as Belgium became the proud host of the 1958 World Exhibition.

Visitors flocked to Brussels for the huge event. They saw its freshly designed airport with an impressive interim hall offering great views.

The hall, which was key to the airport, became too small for the growing number of travellers over time. Larger buildings eventually replaced it, causing it to fall into disuse.

Instead of sitting unused, the blueprint for Skyhall’s next chapter began to be written. Airport authorities saw its value and decided to revive the old hall. It deserved a second chance at life.

Today, Skyhall exists as an exclusive conference and event centre inside a prestigious airport, best for hosting various business events.

Impress your guests or clients with luxury meeting rooms and second-to-none working areas that meet your needs.

Immaculate and Sustainable Design 

Skyhall embraces a sophisticated design that exceeds its users’ expectations. 

The airport event space keeps much of its original decor, providing visitors with a front-row seat into the world of flight. 

First of all, the views. As you mingle with your guests, the airport scenery of soaring planes and busy runways sparks lively conversations. They also provide the perfect backdrop to any day or evening occasion. If you ask us, it’s the ultimate source of entertainment and icebreakers you could ask for. 

But hosting events here offers more than engaging views, as captivating as they are. It provides an elevated experience. Picture a scene from a business class lounge. Skyhall has a similar style. It has an immaculate and exclusive air that makes you feel important. Take a moment to lap up the luxury in meeting rooms at Brussels Airport. 

The high ceilings and wraparound windows are standout gems. They are a testament to the halls’ past. The mentioned high ceilings extending five metres contribute to the rooms’ lofty appeal as a large event space in Brussels. Moreover, the wall-to-wall windows not only look out onto ever-changing scenes, but sunlight pools inside the space. Original balustrades and stone floors complete the picture with a refined elegance.

But pleasing aesthetics haven’t trumped sustainability. Once the rehaul initiative started, stakeholders made impactful efforts to future-proof the space. High-efficiency glass facades, energy-saving LED light fittings and an improved fire prevention system are some of the measures installed.

Stairs of Skyhall

Location and Surrounds

Skyhall by Brussels Airport is situated approximately 12.5 kilometres north-east of the city centre. It offers an ideal location for your upcoming event.

The venue is near various transport hubs,like buses, cars and the airport train station that runs eight times an hour. With that said, Skyhall is highly accessible for jet setters stepping off a plane and travellers arriving from the city.

Impress your guests with centrally-located meeting rooms at Brussels Aiport. It’s within five minutes of the departure hall, and next door to the Sheraton Hotel, which is best for luxury overnight stays.

Restaurants, cafes, and other places of interest are nearby. Visitors can drive to them (or use public transport) and make the most of their time in the city.

Rooms and Catering Options

Skyhall won’t cramp your style! That’s because, boasting 6,100 metres squared of space, the special venue has a truly expansive feel. 

At the same time, five five-metre high ceilings amplify the spaciousness, maximising your guests’ comfort during large events. 

If you’re holding a massive function, up to 2500 individuals can fit inside and move around freely, eliminating concerns of overcrowding.

Here’s more information

  • Number of event rooms: 1 (two floors)
  • Largest room capacity (theatre): 2500 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event): 2500 people
  • Largest room (in square meters): 2900 m² + 3100 m²

Amenities & Services Skyhall Can Offer You

Skyhall doesn’t just give you an impressive space. The venue also drives your event forward with top infrastructure and great services.

Its main areas feature fibre optics and lightning-fast WIFI. They assure flawless presentations and quick, uninterrupted internet. Air conditioning keeps you cool and calm in climate-controlled rooms. It also keeps your guests comfortable throughout the event.

Meanwhile, various services are available to optimise your event, giving you peace of mind on the day. These include audio-visual support, security, and first aid.

And instead of finding parking miles away, paid parking is steps away from the event hall.

Looking for reputable caterers? When it comes to catering, Skyhall partners with the best companies. These include Choux De Bruxelles and the Sheraton Hotel.

Why Choose Skyhall?

Host your next big work event at stunning Skyhall, a Brussels event venue with a view. The stunningly resurrected space provides ample space and top-of-the-range amenities and services to keep you and your guests content and happy. 

Moreover, being at Skyhall provides a unique setting with an unbelievable backdrop that surpasses other picturesque cityscapes.

Is Skyhall your dream event space? Find out more on the Brussels Special Venues website. Or get more updates and information on the Skyhall venue page.

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