Seven venue trends in Brussels to watch out for the rest of 2024

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As we cross the halfway mark of 2024, there’s no better time to reflect on the venue trends in Brussels that have emerged in the past six months. With this valuable knowledge, you can plan incredible events and experiences for the second half of this year.

So, what exciting possibilities can you expect to see for the rest of 2024? Stay tuned for the forecast of BSV venue trends. 

In-person events dominate, but the future of events is hybrid

In-person attendance remains as popular as ever in 2024. But this popularity isn’t to deny the rise of hybrid events. They’re here to stay despite the pandemic ending. Though virtual events emerged as a solution to COVID-19, they still have a place in the event’s world.

The former might be irreplaceable for nurturing authentic interactions and networking that can’t be replicated online. However, virtual or hybrid formats widen an event’s reach, targeting people who can’t be there physically.

As we delve further into 2024, seek out venues catering to both in-person and otherwise located attendees.

Prioritising health and wellness at events 

In 2020, in-person events felt like they may never happen again. Now, the pandemic might sometimes feel like a distant memory. 2024 has been a chock-full of exciting events in Brussels. However, the impact of COVID-19 has left its mark. 

Venue trends in Brussels reveal a strong focus on health. Venues everywhere use cutting-edge features, like touchless technology and upgraded ventilation, to keep the germs at bay. This priority includes mental wellness, where some event spaces add amenities to create a calm atmosphere for visitors. Think meditation rooms, fitness facilities and more.

Reduce your footprint, enhance your event 

Sustainability isn’t just the latest buzzword but key in the event industry. More so in 2024 than ever, venues feel the heat to enforce sustainability measures. Caring about the environment is more than a 2024 venue trend that enhances your brand’s image; it’s what guests look out for because it’s the right thing to do. 

And the good news is that being eco-conscious doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. From recycling to saving water, these changes can have a positive impact, whether big or small. They can also be seamlessly integrated into an event without sacrificing fun or losing track of its purpose.

Looking for venue inspiration? Take a page out of SILO Brussels‘ book, one of our green partners on BSV. This innovative, eco-friendly event space is leading the charge for its sustainability practices.

Micro events and smaller gatherings 

Micro events have become surprisingly popular after COVID-19 forced us to rethink how we should gather in groups. Event venue insights tell us that people are opting for intimate gatherings over bigger celebrations.

 If you’re looking to scale down your guest list in 2024, these are the few benefits.

  • Cost-effective: smaller events cost less with fewer guests.
  • Eco-conscious: intimate events leave a smaller carbon footprint, making them more sustainable.
  • Personal: Guests may feel more connected, relaxed, seen and comfortable 

Unique themes and personalised experiences 

For guests to attend your event, they may expect more than being wined and dined.

While they might not anticipate a full circus, they might hope for some fireworks to capture their attention. 

So, what should planners do to improve guest engagement? Unique interactions, entertainment or an attention-grabbing theme are the answer.

And that’s where tech can come in. With the support of technological advancements, event hosts can create amazing experiences guests love. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, have you heard about our partner Plein Publiek BXL? They’ve been showcasing an immersive exhibit that leaves visitors raving. Check out our blog for the full story.

But that’s not to say an event needs to feature a state-of-the-art tech display to follow venue trends in Brussels. Something a little more low-key can be as effective. Perhaps a party with a cool theme? Or a venue in an unusual or quirky location that your guests deem “Insta-worthy”?

Cool or unusual locations 

Instead of banquet halls or conference centres, events held in unusual locations are a hit 2024 venue trend. Brimming with character, these spaces tell a unique story of their own and add that flair that guests seek. 

The possibilities for quirky, cool and different venue options are endless. From industrial spaces like old warehouses to rooftop and historic event venues, we have many choices on the BSV website that align with emerging trends in 2024. 

Tech’s role in 2024 events

Technology has revolutionised the event space in 2024.

It’s not just about running virtual events anymore; it plays a big role in all event experiences from start to finish. 

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork and wasting time on labour-intensive work! There is software that can automate and streamline mundane and repetitive tasks. 

By embracing technology, paper pamphlets that provide event info have become a thing of the past (hello, green events). Guests can access everything they need right off their phones off apps. 

Finally, as mentioned, you can use AR and VR technology to create a mind-blowing experience through exhibits and installations.  

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