Albert Hall: A Venue for All Events

Albet Hall

Imagine hosting an event in a venue rich with history. Soft music plays, warm lighting sets the mood, and attentive servers cater to your guests every need. Or picture this dynamic scene: an automobile exhibit where industry experts gather and share their insights. 

This week’s featured venue on Brussels Special Venues isn’t limited by event size or scope; only your imagination. Boardroom meetings, workshops, and more can all find their setting inside the walls of Albert Hall

Looking for a hall for rent? Stay with us, and you’ll learn all about this well-known historic venue in Brussels. 

Albert Hall, a venue of Brussels Special Veneus

Overview of Albert Hall 

Grand Albert Hall is steeped in an art deco style. The iconic complex caters to every event type, including bustling exhibits and festive occasions.

Although its earliest days are mostly a mystery, the walls at Albert Hall hold enough stories to fill books. From authentic ballroom spaces, high ceilings, and classic decor – evidence of its history is everywhere. 

But despite embracing its heritage, Albert Hall isn’t stuck in the past. The historic venue in Brussels remains as popular as ever. Offering the best of both worlds, it continues to captivate with its old structure while boasting modern amenities. These include high-speed internet, AV capabilities, and parking. 

Design and Architecture of Albert Hall

Welcome to Albert Hall, a highly distinctive art deco venue in Brussels where the old meets the new. 

Rent their rooms and uncover reminders of the past – preserved 1930s ballrooms and original cinemas still in use. 

While these bygone relics speak to Albert Hall’s past, modern features propel the beloved venue into the modern world. 

So, as you admire the timeworn treasures, you can tap into Albert Hall’s fast WIFI and other contemporary benefits. 

Prestigious and Accessible Location

Getting to events is easy at Albert Hall! The event venue is in the heart of Brussels, just a stone’s throw from major European institutions and public transport. Plus, it’s an easy drive from the airport for out-of-town guests looking for a hall to rent in Brussels. 

Knowing parking can be a hassle and an inconvenience, Albert Hall provides up to 320 secure parking bays for attendees arriving by car.  

Find Your Perfect Fit

Beneath its grand facade, this historic venue in Brussels has plenty of space. The versatile 2,500-metre squared hall can house your event, whether extravagant or intimate. 

As a seasoned player for event hosting, they’ve seen it all! Albert Hall has a history of hosting exhibitions, concerts, theatres, and more. It’s the place to be if you need to accommodate many guests. The largest room to rent boasts a capacity of 800 metres squared and can fit 360 people comfortably.

While Albert Hall is a popular choice for high-profile events, it doesn’t just cater to big crowds but also offers a range of smaller venues. Five intimate breakout zones and meeting areas scattered around Albert Hall provide a more casual and relaxed atmosphere for smaller gatherings. 

Explore your options with their full venue chart here, and don’t hesitate to reserve your date!

Partners You Can Trust

As everyone knows, food is key to events, but catering can become a royal headache. Albert Hall takes your worries away by connecting you to the right partners. 

Their top-tiered providers create culinary delights that satisfy your guests’ palates without breaking the bank. 

Whether you need canapes for an exhibition or a four-course dinner to delight your guests, you can count on Albert Hall and their outstanding event partners. 

An Abundance of Amenities at Your Fingertips

You don’t want mishaps if you’re staging an event.  

Avoid looking like an amateur event organiser with mood-setting lighting, crisp and clear AVS systems, and other professional touches.

Additionally, high-speed internet connections keep your guests connected, even sparking excitement online about their experience. 

Big and small conveniences alike matter here. This is why perks, like parking, are offered to the first 320 guests. Cyclists can also park their bikes in dedicated cycle bays.

Flexible and Dedicated Teams 

Their dedicated teams work closely with event organisers, offering support to ensure smooth running functions. They’re flexible and there to help with anything you need!

Need their technical support? No problem. Their hands-on team can handle anything from equipment setup to technical glitches.  

Let the Albert Hall support staff handle the details so you can focus on the bigger picture, making your event a success. 

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