Our visit to Fly Lounge: Where Dreams Take Flight ✈️

How about a visit to one of our venues : Fly Lounge Meeting Space ?

In the heart of Brussels, a singular experience awaits, seamlessly blending unparalleled hospitality, exquisite catering, and an awe-inspiring environment. This is Fly Lounge, an extraordinary venue housed within the meticulously refurbished fuselage of a former Airbus A320, now reborn as a captivating event hall. It’s a place that defies convention, promising an unforgettable encounter for anyone who steps through its doors.

Fly Lounge stands as an atypical gem in the tapestry of Brussels, a destination that transcends the ordinary. It beckons visitors to embark on an extraordinary journey, promising an experience that will linger in memory long after the event concludes. The centrepiece of this remarkable offering is none other than an Airbus A320, painstakingly reassembled piece by piece in the heart of the city, under the expert guidance of a former airline pilot. It’s a feat of engineering and imagination, a testament to the boundless possibilities that come to life when vision meets expertise.

Step beyond the cockpit door, and you’ll find an immersive flight simulator, an invitation to explore the boundless skies in a setting that mirrors reality. Venture into the kitchen, and you’ll be met by a culinary maestro, a chef adorned with stars, ready to craft a dining experience that transcends expectation. As you step into the cabin, a dedicated crew awaits, dressed in the regalia of aviation, ready to welcome you as the VIP you are. But the marvel of Fly Lounge doesn’t end there; it’s a venue that plays host to a diverse range of events, from dynamic team-building sessions and romantic weddings to bustling conferences and elegant walking dinners, each orchestrated flawlessly for up to fifty guests. This is more than an event venue; it’s a voyage, a celebration of human ingenuity, and a testament to the extraordinary heights we can reach when imagination takes flight. Welcome on board, to Fly Lounge.

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