Brussels Landmark Parc du Cinquantenaire and Autoworld Bicentennial Makeover Update!

Large-scale restorations of the beloved Parc du Cinquantenaire are going well for Belgium’s bicentennial celebrations. 

More than a quick spruce-up, the multi-year project aims to revive the park for Belgium’s 200th birthday in 2030. This will include the makeovers of its interconnected museums, like Autoworld, one of Brussels Special Venues Partners. 

And while residents might be aware of Parc du Cinquantenaire renovation plans, here’s a closer look at what’s happening!

But First, a Recap

As the weather gets warmer, Parc du Cinquantenaire comes alive. People soak up the sun and traverse the leafy oasis. 

For those who don’t know it, Parc du Cinquantenaire is the green lung of Belgium. It’s a famous landmark recognised across Europe and a must-see tourist site.

Still popular, Belgium’s government announced its comprehensive and much-needed makeover plans for the meeting place. These extend to its surrounding museums and buildings. The Parc du Cinquantenaire renovation aims to rejuvenate the site in time for Belgium’s bicentennial celebrations.

The Belgian Buildings Agency and Autoworld will work together to make this happen. With 2030 as the finish line, work is already underway, with even more planned for the upcoming years. 

As the project unfolds, it’s clear that the user experience is front and centre of this renovation project. They’re also implementing eco-friendly measures to ensure the park and its surroundings remain a haven for future generations.

What Is the Project All About?

2030 marks 200 years of Belgian independence! There will be grand Belgium bicentennial celebrations to commemorate this milestone anniversary, with the park central to the festivities.

The park will undergo a major transformation for the occasion to get it back to its prime. Though popular, the park shows signs of wear and tear. With a much-needed upgrade, the park aspires to become a vibrant hub abuzz with gatherings, events, and activities.

And while the plan might be to attract visitors, the park is also a symbol of modern Europe, as it sheds its outdated image and embraces a greener future. The renovation of the park is a sign of further progress. 

What Work Will Get Done to Autoworld at Parc du Cinquantenaire?

Autoworld, the legendary automobile museum, is on the brink of a dramatic transformation for Belgium’s bicentennial celebrations. Fans who visit will be pleasantly surprised by the ways the museum is being enhanced and modernised.

But wait – you’ll still recognise parts of the old Autoworld you know and love. The museum remains committed to preserving its stunning architecture and impressive car collections. However, you will see upgrades that encourage you to visit again!  

Here’s what to expect:

  • As details come out, we know that many permanent sections are scheduled to be revised. The dedicated Belgian zone, the 1950s zone, and the Royal cars are seeing a complete renewal as early as this year. Your experience is a top priority. Get ready to see these displays in a new and better light!
  • Autoworld is also taking a green turn. Plans to make the building more eco-friendly are ongoing for Belgium’s bicentennial celebrations and beyond! 

About Autoworld

Autoworld is an enchanting attraction and one of Brussels’ Special Venues’ most notable event spaces. 

Established in 1986, Autoworld offers more than dusty or old cars lined up. Instead, it offers insights into the automobile industry with stunningly preserved cars. A tour of Autoworld promises to be awe-inspiring for both car lovers and casual visitors.

While the number of cars at Autoworld isn’t public, the car museum has boomed since day one. It owes a big “thank you” to Jacques Mahony – a renowned automobile collector whose 200-car donation forms the core of today’s amazing displays. 

Discover a range of cars at Autoworld. There’s something for everyone, from classic vintage cars to sleek sports models. 

But Autoworld is more than a haven of beautiful cars. It’s also an original event space! Autoworld offers a one-of-a-kind setting for any occasion, surrounded by automobiles and cool scenery. Here are some key numbers about this venue :

  • Number of event rooms : 7
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 1000 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 2000 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 2000 m²

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Credits : Photo by Alexandre Bury on Unsplash,