Terrace for outdoor events

Find a terrace for rent for your outdoor event in Brussels

Organizing an outdoor event offers many advantages, including the possibility to enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Brussels or to take advantage of the summer temperatures during your reception. Terraces to rent for events offer a pleasant space to welcome guests, as well as the possibility to enjoy fresh air and natural light.

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Jardin turns unoccupied & forgotten spaces into breathtaking venues. Venues which are a destination, always choosing to focus on the experience.

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Tour & Taxis Venues

This former train station – a veritable masterpiece of civil engineering, with its glass sawtooth roof and metal framework – is now home to large events, shows, fairs and exhibition

  • Number of event rooms : 25
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 3000 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 15000 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 5348 m²

KBR, Royal Library of Belgium

KBR is a place that breathes knowledge and history. The stately building from the 1950s offers 13 meeting rooms in different styles, tailored to your event. Our hidden gem is an 18th century city palace.

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Bibliothèque Solvay

Offering high level services and top equipment into Heritage masterpiece.


albert.brussels is a hidden gem in the heart of Brussels with a breathtaking view and the largest rooftop of the city. The restaurant from the 1960s has been given a beautiful makeover while respecting the original style and atmosphere.

The different options of terraces for rent in Brussels

There are many terraces to rent in Brussels for events, each with its own characteristics. Some terraces offer stunning views of the city’s iconic monuments, while others have private gardens. There are also terraces with dining or entertainment options, such as bars or playgrounds.

How to rent a terrace for an event in Brussels

Renting a terrace for an event in Brussels is easy and accessible thanks to Brussels Special Venues. First, enter your search criteria: what type of event do you want to organize? For how many guests? You can then select the venues to find out their precise characteristics.
It is also important to verify that the venue has all the necessary amenities for your event, such as restroom facilities or lighting options.

When contacting the venue owners, discuss any rules and restrictions related to the rental of the deck, such as closing hours or noise limits. Indeed, in the city, some outdoor venues require a 10pm closing time out of respect for the neighbors.


Renting a terrace in Brussels offers many advantages for organizers of receptions, weddings, company parties, etc. By browsing through our wide range of places to rent in Brussels, you will find what you need to organize an unforgettable event.