Find conference venues in Brussels adapted to host virtual and hybrid events

Exceptional venues in Brussels are continuously rethinking and reorganizing their event spaces that correspond to trends in society, the business world, events, and current events. With the boom in technological solutions for meetings, Brussels Special Venues have improved your experience to offer you the best conference venues in Brussels.

Face to face, virtual, or hybrid solutions for congresses, meetings, conferences, and events of all kinds!

If you are looking for a conference room in Brussels, whether your event is face to face, virtual, or a hybrid set-up, event venues in Brussels are flexible and ready to go!

In the wake of a conference room, classroom, auditorium, or U layouts, make way for the latest technologies, for screen sharing and remote conferencing.

Brussels Special Venues have implemented a selection of technological solutions for hosting your events and your virtual conferences. Discover how to make room for creative, live interaction.

In Brussels, COVID-19 did not prevent any of our business event venues – meeting, conference, congress, or indeed, any other event venues – from reinventing themselves. So you can keep shopping and contact any of these venues for more details – and plan in advance!

Conférence dans un grand espace, possibilité de diffusion en direct

Remote meetings via the live-streaming platform

You can interact fully with your participants at one of the largest conference centers in Brussels. It is equipped to help you organize remote meetings and brainstorming sessions so that your event can take place wherever you are in the world.

Vidéoconférence et événement virtuel au Docks

Video conferencing and live-streaming

At Docks Dome, you can organize events in complete safety and without physical contact, thanks to the installation of a video conferencing and live-streaming system. And as an added precaution, a thermal imaging system has also been fitted to detect body temperature.

Docks Dome
Residence palace - international press center

The latest live-streaming technologies for conference rooms

The Résidence Palace is home to the International Press Centre and hosts large, live national and international press conferences. It is one of the best-equipped venues in Brussels for this type of event. Find out here how you can take advantage of these cutting-edge technologies. 

Residence Palace - International Press Center
Salle de conférence à Bruxelles - Virtuel ou présentiel

6 ready-made live streaming options

A studio and different solutions are at your disposal at The Egg to air your event live. The venue offers 6 ready-made packages complete with technical explanations, recommendations, and implementation plans. What insight!

The EGG Brussels
Lieu de conférence à Bruxelles, rediffusion  en streaming

Everything you need for online and hybrid events

Keeping your audience and participants online, you can safely invite your presenter, your moderator, and even a few speakers to be physically present at your event in this high-tech venue. It is equipped with a large LED wall, cameras, screens, and a high-speed internet connection.

TownHall Europe
Videoconference ou conférence en direct au Wild Gallery

Video conferencing and live-streaming

The video conferencing and live-streaming system installed at this venue allow you to organize your events in complete safety. Wild Gallery has also fitted a thermal imaging system to detect body temperature.

Wild Gallery
Salle de conférence à Bruxelles, rediffusion possible

3 studios, 1 events room – let the perfect hybrid event begin!

Substantial ready-to-use solutions have been installed in Event Lounge’s largest room (1250 m2) making it easy to switch from one group of speakers to another. Whether a conference or meeting, this is an ideal solution for airing or recording your event.

Event Lounge
Belle salle de conférence à Bruxelles

Riding the crest of the new-normal wave

Maison de la Poste has reinvented the way in which conferences and other events can be held in its 15 rooms! Whatever your needs, innovative technological solutions will be set up for your hybrid events.

Maison de la Poste
Train world conference room

A new digital tool to facilitate hybrid events

Train World provides equipment that can combine the physical presence of participants and speakers with live broadcasting or video clips. This on-site/online solution combined with a museum experience and first-class catering will ensure the success of your hybrid event.

Train World
Studio pour retransmission de qualité des conférences

A new sound-proof studio

This venue possesses a completely sound-proof studio. Measuring 11m x 11m it is perfectly suited to concerts, recordings, TV, digital events and/or Green Key, exhibition stands, advertisements, radio recordings, and face-to-face meetings.

Quartier Papier
Autoworld conférence hybride

Weekly hybrid events

POLITICO, a global non-partisan politics and policy news service, chose Autoworld for its weekly virtual sessions that are broadcast worldwide with speakers participating remotely.

Salle exceptionnelle pour conférence offrant la technologie du virtuel

New, exceptionally performant optical fiber

Ideally located in the heart of the European quarter, this event venue in Brussels has been hosting cutting-edge hybrid events for many years! With the latest broadband for 4K streaming (and optimal speed), mobile studios, and the ability to connect and interact remotely, nothing has been left to chance!

Concert Noble

Technical innovations for your conference: “Made in Brussels” solutions

In addition to the classic event audiovisual services, technological innovations are being continuously developed in Brussels. Are you looking for an affordable digital solution for your next hybrid event? Has a conference hit a technical problem? Do you need lucrative solutions for a specific conference?

The Brussels convention bureau,, has published a practical guide where you can read about innovative solutions offered by leading start-ups and SMEs in Brussels and Belgium, which are at the forefront of solution finding.