Top Tips to Master Stress During Event Planning

Tips for reducing stress of event planning by Brussels Special Venues

They say that, for all its glitz and glam, a behind-the-scenes look into event planning will reveal the profession as extremely stressful. So high-pressure that, year after year, it ranks alongside firefighting and piloting as the world’s most stressful jobs. So, what makes event planning as consequential as putting out fires or navigating a plane?

Put simply, event planning is a complex endeavour. The role involves more multi-tasking than most. Even the most expert event planners, with their background and knowledge, experience event planning stress. It involves considering its many working parts and paying attention to a million little things. 

So, how do they cope with such immense responsibility falling on their shoulders? Or remain vigilant to anticipate every possible disaster scenario without burning out?

Don’t go anywhere if you’re new to event planning, curious about it, or have been drafted with managing an office event. In this article, Brussels Special Venues looks at the event planning survival strategies.

Tips for reducing stress of event planning by Brussels Special Venues

Plan for Everything (And in Advance)

Let’s face it – many things can indeed go wrong during event planning. A big part of the job is averting disasters and extinguishing metaphorical flames before they grow out of control.

How can you escape the worst of the chaos? Plan, plan, plan. Impeccable planning is key to avoiding worst-case scenarios and preparing for the unexpected (even the most unlikely situations deserve some thought). 

If trouble arises, you’ll have taken the necessary precautions and be equipped to handle emergencies.

The more time you spend preparing for potential hiccups, the calmer and more in control you’ll feel when things go a little crazy. While situations might feel out of control sometimes, you’ll know how to solve issues with thought-out solutions without breaking much of a sweat. 

If it helps, even the most veteran event planners encounter setbacks. But with thorough planning and preparation, you can still get back on track and reduce your event planning stress. 

Have a Suitable Venue

A venue takes a massive bite out of your budget, so ensure it’s right for the event. To avoid headaches down the road, it should cater to the size of the guest list and your client’s budget, saving you stress from the start. 

Stuck on venue options? It doesn’t have to be stressful. Explore our Venue Finder Tool to find your perfect match in minutes.

Have a Checklist (Mental and Actual)

Exhausted, overwhelmed and buckling under the weight of event planning stress? Checklists are a lifeline to help you stay on top of things when faced with pressure and tight deadlines. 

Not just gratifying; crossing things off can make event planning more manageable. Feel a sense of achievement as your done list grows and your anxiety shrinks!

Moreover, having everything listed before you helps you sift through the chaos and prioritise tasks. Suddenly, that long to-do task won’t seem as daunting.

Besides keeping you on track, checklists can also assist with delegation and take a weight off your shoulders.It holds others accountable and track their progress.

Delegation Is Key to Success

Do you struggle to delegate? You’re not alone if you like tackling most tasks on your own. The 70% delegation rule can be a helpful strategy if you have trouble letting tasks go. 

Here’s how it works. Is there anyone who can perform the task at least 70% as well as you? If so, don’t hesitate to delegate, and trust that they can provide a good outcome. Even the most highly skilled, experienced, and exceptional event planners need helping hands!

Other ways to delegate include assigning tasks to others with the right skills and who can outperform you on the task. And tasks you don’t like? There’s no harm in offloading tedious activities to those who enjoy them.

Budget for Emergencies

Sticking to every aspect of your budget is crucial, but hidden costs can throw a wrench into the works. 

Avoid financial messes by leaving some breathing room in your budget. Set aside a percentage of your total expenditures to account for last-minute changes and the unforeseen.

Harness the Power of Apps 

Been living under a rock? Then you might have missed that event management apps have taken the event industry by storm. 

Among various other benefits, this tech has automated mundane manual tasks, freeing you to focus on the important stuff. Wave goodbye to conventional event planning with its endless paperwork and data entry for a streamlined, end-to-end process. 

From all-in-one apps to more specialised tools, there’s an app for every planner coping with event planning pressure. 

Be Realistic 

Event apps might be powerful aids that can handle many tasks. However, they can’t make an event magically appear. They have their limits!

So, as an event planner, it’s important to spot the difference between realistic expectations and impossible demands. Keep your team calm and your clients grounded in reality in the following ways. 

Set achievable goals, breaking tasks and projects into manageable, bite-sized bits. Cramming too much work into your schedule may lead to event planning stress, not a successful event. 

Don’t let finances crash a good party. Communicate transparently with your clients about their budgets and demands. Does their vision exceed their budget? Offer alternative solutions that may fit the bill. 

Can the vision of an extravagant party for 800 guests be brought to life in 24 hours? Unlikely. Rushing to make unfeasible event deadlines will only create panic, not miracles. 

Have a Pre-event Walk-Through

Having a walkthrough before the event is essential to avoid things going sideways on the day. 

Treat walk-throughs or test runs as a sort of dress rehearsal where you can iron out wrinkles, spot any snags in advance and reduce event planning stress. 

During a walkthrough, check to see if everything is working and set up correctly. Timing is also essential. Does the event flow smoothly or in fits and starts? Your test allows you to make tweaks for better timing.  

Bonus Idea: have a pre-event staff discussion to run through their roles, expectations and last-minute questions. This may instil them with confidence and help them cope with event planning pressure. 

Looking for an Event Planner?

Hire a pro to avoid impending event disasters. 

Planning your event can be exciting but overwhelming if you don’t have experience. Have nightmares about the food running out, guests leaving early and DIY decor that screams amateur? Brussels Special Venues can help ease your event planning stress with top-notch party planners. 

We have a network of professionals who can match your budget and style while helping you navigate all event planning details.

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