Put on your dancing shoes and let’s get party in the out of the box event venue Area 42, WITH AN ADVANTAGEOUS « ALL IN » PACKAGE

Put on your dancing shoes and let’s get party in the “out of the box” event venue Area 42

For only 4.595€ for a full-service package for 100-400 persons. 

Celebrations does not come cheap, but your party need not be a strain on your yearly corporate budget! 

It is very well understood by the AREA 42 -entirely designed by a team of contemporary artists- who offers you the opportunity to turn your staff party of 100-300 persons into an epic event for only 4.595€ (or the equivalent of 12 €/person on the basis of 400 persons).


  For events in January and February 2018

  For 100-400 persons

  Conditions: party room, dance floor with DJ technical equipment, technician and 130 private parking lots included (catering excluded).

  Promotional code BSV_WINTERVIBES_AREA42

  For more information, contact Vanessa Cano (vanessa.cano@area42.be)

COVID-19 update – Make your booking with confidence. We are keeping a close watch on the situation and our spaces adapt to the circumstances. Find out more here