Zen: the newest trend for corporate entertainment and B2B events.

Well-being and zen have been a major focus in our lives for some time now, especially following the COVID crisis.
The same applies to corporate and B2B events, where “ZEN workshops” are becoming more and more popular.

Here are some original ideas for your next events to bring some joy to your guests:

The cool trend: relaxation-based activities

Many companies specialize in Zen activities in the workplace and offer massages or introductory meditation classes against stress at work. 

The hourly cost of stress at work is roughly 700 euros per employee… In other words, these little relaxation breaks are a great investment for the well-being of your employees and your company.The latest trend is to use aromatherapy, so you can add the discovery of essential oils to these workshops. Olfactory and participative workshops that promote team spirit will give a delightful touch to your event.

The creative trend: an oxygen bar

Offering an innovative activity during a corporate event is every organizer’s challenge.
You can offer your guests a very original and relaxing activity with the oxygen bar.
The concept is quite simple: install oxygen tanks mixed with essential oils. Combining pure oxygen and oils will instantly have a relaxing and energizing effect, while also generating a lot of interest. 
Of course, the products have to be 100% natural for a natural experience. 
This will guarantee a positive effect!

The fun trend: playful corporate events

Fun games are gaining popularity at corporate events. The reason is that they have many benefits because they allow communication to flow better between co-workers, while creating a special moment of relaxation. 
One of the most popular trends is the escape-game.
Escape-games can be organized at your venue and focus on relaxation.
Another option is video games. Everyone plays video games to relax with family, friends or on their own, but few do it with their co-workers. However, they have the same beneficial effects 😉

The food trend: gourmet corporate events

Have you ever thought about organizing a cooking event?
This activity has many benefits: it’s relaxing, it gathers people, and it creates a friendly atmosphere.
Combine business with pleasure with a cooking event!

The ultimate activity is the “bar” activity 

Everyone will find something to their liking, whether you have a cocktail bar where your guests can create… and taste… their own cocktails, or a cupcake bar, a tea bar, a chocolate bar or even a pizza bar!

Another activity that can easily be scheduled is a workshop. They usually don’t take too long and can easily be added to your program.
Your guests will be able to get their hands dirty while having fun and communicating with others. 
Again, there are many options: workshops, sushi, pizzas, macarons, cakes, burgers, etc. 

Last but not least, companies that offer these activities can provide you all the equipment you need. They usually have a facilitator who will motivate the crowd. All you have to do is settle down, relax and talk with your guests while enjoying your creations 😉 

Now what?

Once you select your “ZEN” animations, all you have to do is find the perfect place to host them and your guests.
Brussels Special Venues suggests you choose your favorite venue by focusing on peaceful and serene places.

Go to our venue finder www.venues.be and start your journey towards zen-attitude!