Why Should You have to take care of sustainability in your Event Management? 

When you’re organising any type of business event (networking event, industry conference, expert seminar, even a workshop for your employees), make sure that you’re doing it in a sustainable way. 

Why Should You have to take care of sustainability in your Event Management? 

The sustainable style doesn’t just go down well with the average customer, but it also attracts new leads and employees to your business. 
For business-facing events, having a moral theme running through it is key. 
Again, millennials are driving this trend, with three-quarters willing to take a pay cut in order to work for a sustainable brand. The concept of valuing social responsibility is spreading everywhere.

You can’t deny that having strong values helps to attract job seekers and customers alike. Most of the CEO’s agree with this notion, stating that they think sustainability is the key to success. 

Steps to Create Super Sustainable Events 

1. Do Your Market Research

Evidently, by doing a little digging around, there is a huge segment of people looking to actively engage in your sustainable event. To create a truly successful event, you can’t just blindly delve into what you think will be environmentally friendly. Find out about what causes your attendees care about the most and make these your focus.

The most integral part of your event actually happens after the occasion. You should always create a post-evaluation, where the benefits of doing so are two-fold. Firstly, you can use these figures (attendance, engagement, etc.) to educate your team on their key successes and to inform future opportunities. Secondly, you can create a document to release to the public to shout out about the impact that you’ve had. 

To make your post-evaluation super successful, you should do a little bit of work prior to the big day to collect some historical data. If you do this, you will be able to compare your current results with your previous performance. 

This also proves to your attendees that you’re making a solid effort to increase sustainability.  

2. Prioritise Paper

This next tip is obvious but, nevertheless, essential. Switching out plastic for paper is one of the simplest ways to convey sustainability. Even for people with a limited knowledge of ethical practices, this will have a significant impact. We all know that plastic is generally bad for the environment. 

If you want to fight for a timely issue, moving away from single-use plastics is the answer. 

3. Make Freebies Functional

Despite the tradition of giving out a bunch of freebies at corporate events, this isn’t at the top of the wishlist for most attendees. Creating a quality event with an engaging agenda is far more important so that people can take away great memories of the day — not more junk with your business name printed on it. Make sure your main event offering is up to scratch before you think about this category. For example, if you’re hosting a seminar, spend a little cash to hire the best guest speaker and people will forgive you for the lack of free stuff.

Besides, there are a whole host of eco-friendly promotional items   that are far more functional than the average giveaway. 
If you must give away the traditional printed pen, you can find a recycled version of that. Also, custom mugs with logo printing and branded umbrellas could be a good choice as a promotional item and are becoming increasingly popular. 

4. Organise Efficient Waste Management

Finally, you should get to grips with how your physical event can impact the environment in the long term. Instead of just shouting out your beliefs with an elaborate theme, take the necessary functional steps to clean up your act. Employing effective waste management during the day stops waste from your event becoming a heap of harmful litter. It also ensures that your rubbish is recycled so that you can walk away with peace of mind. 

Are you ready for sustainable events now?

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