Plein Publiek and the Happiness Expo

Photo of Plein Publiek

We wanted to put a member in the spotlight and talk about their ongoing expo : Happiness.

What is the expo about?

Art makes us happy! According to a recent study by World Health Organization (WHO) art is a strong remedy against a gloomy grey matter. This theory is supported by scientific research that show the correlation between experiencing art and the increase of dopamine, the ‘happiness hormone’. Cultural activities, such as visiting a museum, are therefore not only great fun, but also super healthy. But, as with anything, the proof is in the pudding! Let’s put your happiness to the test in the new digital art exhibition HAPPINESS. An immersive experience full of good boosts for your brain!

Go visit this amazing event at Plein-Publiek!

A little more about this venue: They are located at the beautiful Palais de la Dynastie on the Mont des Arts In Brussels, right above the Gare Central Station. A variety of events are hosted, from corporate events to nightlife, live concerts to vintage markets, salsa dance nights to fashion shows and much more!

  • Number of event rooms : 4
  • Largest room capacity (theatre) : 200 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event) : 550 people
  • Largest room (in square meters) : 180 m²

Don’t hesitate to gather more information about the venue by clicking here!

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