Each member from the Brussels Special Venues’ family does an amazing job to welcome you and your guests !
Reason why we love to give them the floor !
Discover who is hiding behind our venues and learn more about the specificity and the vision of each venue in only 5 questions.
Today, we meet Alain Loiseau who is the CEO at FlyLounge Meeting Space, our newest venue.

What role do you play at your venue?

I like to say I am a dream maker and a CEO. In fact I founded Flylounge. I am also almost always present during events, welcoming guests personally and often presenting our entrepreneurial journey to our guests. I am also sometimes taking care of the guest’s fun/discovery flights in the immersive flight simulator (flight deck).

3 strong points that make your venue unique?

Recycling an airplane into a venue inside a building is a world’s first. There were some static airplane restaurants in the past but always outdoor and with less realism inside the cabin. Our airplane meeting space is also located within a city business and embassy area which is probably a first as well. 
Our second strength is the human experience we like to provide. I am personally involved into that aspect, welcoming guests with the rest of the crew. At the end of the day, human experience is the most important aspect of our job. 
The third highlight is the quality of our cooking. Our chief cook Daniel Dupuis, has been working 15 year with the Royal palace, and 5 years personally with King Baudouin. He was also best Belgium cook in 87… 

What facilities does your venue offer for a B2B event?

Our meeting space inside an airplane is offering most of the standard B2B services:  meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, team building, press conferences, product launches, business breakfast/lunch/dinner. We are also a perfect place for shooting corporate videos, media, cinema, Video clips (ex: the latest Angèle video clip). The flight simulator in the flight deck is often used as a plus during corporate events. We provide a 96m2 space including a fully modular 13m long Airbus A320 passenger cabin + 4 meters flight deck. There are 4 (removable) TV screens, including 2 screens in the airplane, a click to share device for seminars, 4 microphones including a wireless one, sound & lighting effects. Staff is wearing air hostess/steward uniforms. Most of our events involve 15 to 40 participants, but we can welcome up to 64 on request.

You are a BSV member. Why did you join us ?

As a goal-minded and creative person, I have always greatly appreciated the principle of pooling efforts. Stronger together!  The BSV ASBL seems to me to be a perfect example of bringing together exceptional people and projects and that is why I joined. I was also impressed by the efficiency of Heidi and her team.

Last question on the future of events: How did you cope following the pandemic and how do you see the evolution of events in the months to come?

The pandemic slowed down our launch by about 1 year. Fortunately, the originality of our venue and the support of the region ( and city of Brussels plus the interest of the medias helped us to start (the official opening took place in March 2022). Regarding the evolution of the sector, it is difficult for us to make a pertinent analysis as we did not exist before the pandemic.

Thank you Alain 😉

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