Brussels Special Venues wants to be a dynamic partner close to its « special venues »…
This way, it seems important for us to often give them the floor!
Discover who is behind one of them and learn more about the specificity and the vision of the place in 5 questions. Today, it is Delphine Kelemen from BluePoint that we will be meeting…

Hello Delphine, can you explain your role at BluePoint Brussels?

As Site Manager of BluePoint Brussels, I am responsible for the commercial relationships with our clients and for a smooth operational process of all the events taking place.

BluePoint Brussels is a subsidiary of Agoria, representing the technology sector in Belgium and has sister organisations in Antwerp and Liège, explains Delphine Kelemen, Site Manager BluePoint Brussels.

Why did you join BSV?

“BluePoint has been a member of Brussels Special Venues since the beginning. For us, it is important to be able to exchange ideas with colleagues but especially the commercial representation in Belgium and abroad through BSV is an important factor. During the pandemic, BSV ensured a very good communication between the official instances and all the partners involved and this was really necessary because the rules for our sector have changed continuously.”

What makes your venue unique and which facilities do you offer?

“Technology is part of our DNA. We consciously invest in AV technology to improve the quality of events. We have been offering hybrid meeting solutions and live streaming facilities quite some time now. The pandemic convinced us however to also invest in a professional 100m2 greenkey studio for fully virtual events.

BluePoint is proud to be a one-stop-shop for events. We offer our clients all the necessary services under one roof: our 20 rooms with a capacity of up to 400 people can be arranged in different ways with various types of furniture; we have a wide range of projection, sound and lighting equipment and a large choice of quality on-site event catering!

Our aim is to relieve our clients of all organisational tasks so that they can fully concentrate on the content of their events. If they ask us for conceptual support, that is possible too!

BluePoint is located on the outskirts of Brussels between the International Airport and the centre of Brussels. Access by car or public transport is easy and de venue provides underground car park for 300 vehicles, even electrical ones.”

How did you survive the pandemic and how do you see the future of events?

“It goes without saying that the impact of the crisis was very heavy, for us and for the entire market. The fact that we had invested in technology even before the pandemic started, has certainly helped us to switch to hybrid and virtual events immediately.  Our venue was also awarded the health & safety label by Visit Brussels to enable us to accommodate essential meetings with the necessary sanitary measures.

However, given that the number of events was reduced and international market collapsed, our turnover had shrunk to 25%.

Hopefully the worst is behind us by now. 

The event mix of the future looks very different. Hybrid solutions will continue to exist. Fully virtual events will be used for specific occasions but live events including networking  and face-to-face meetings will arise again.

Thanks to BluePoint’s technology DNA, we are very well prepared for the new event mix!”, says Delphine.

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