Welcome La Maison du Cygne: A Place Where History Meets Exquisite Events 

Maison des Cygnes

Situated on the historic Grand Place, La Maison du Cygne boasts one of the city’s most coveted addresses.

Yet La Maison du Cygne isn’t another stunning landmark; it’s famous in its own right. The venue is mysterious and intriguing. In past eras, it hosted some remarkable revolutionaries, but more on them later.

Today, diners enjoy classic French dishes at the Brussel’s high-end restaurant. While renowned for its haute cuisine, this historical event venue in Brussels offers much more.

We’re thrilled to announce that the old establishment is joining us at Brussels Special Venues. It will bring its historic charm to your next black-tie event!

Overview and Design of La Maison du Cygne

La Maison Du Cygne is aptly named. It reflects the area’s classic beauty, elegance and grandeur, much like a swan. Its facade, etched with beautiful gilding and unique architecture, captures the essence of Old Europe.

Drawing you in from the cobbled streets of Grand Place, La Maison du Cygne beckons you inside and into another world. 

Home to six lounges of extravagant design, discover the luxury conference venue spaces styled to host the extraordinary. Traverse its spaces, each a masterpiece of heightened luxury. Admire the plush velvet, gorgeous chandeliers, oil paintings depicting centuries of history, and flawless walnutwood exuding timelessness.

Are you looking to host a splendid five-course dinner? This Brussels luxury event venue offers a taste of the finer things in life. Contact us today about holding an event amid such finery and resplendence!

Maison des Cygnes

From Inn to Icon: The History of La Maison du Cygne

If its walls could talk, the silent, wood-panelled surfaces at La Maison would say a lot. They’d speak about the exciting events, occurrences and historical figures who graced its halls.

La Maison Du Cygne’s origins hint at humble beginnings. Believed to have started life as an inn, it was first built in the 1500s.

After being burned to the ground by the French military, the establishment rose from the ashes in the late 1600s. A rebuild that completely transformed La Maison du Cygne ensued. Dubbed “the jewel of elegance” due to its ornamental wealth, splendour, and unique architectural style, the grand building was, and still is, a sight to behold.

Like a feline, the venue has lived many different lives in the later years. It has changed ownership and had makeovers. It went from a private house into a cafe. Most notably, the venue became the meeting place of Marx and Engels. There, the two secretly hatched political theories over cigars and wine.

Fast forward to today, the historical event venue in Brussels boasts one of the city’s best restaurants. It offers a classic European dining experience in an elegant setting and hosts many high-end events and occasions. Could yours be the next?

La Maison du Cygne’s Grand Place Location

La Maison du Cygne occupies prime space in Grand Place, one of Europe’s most famous historic town squares. 

Thronged by countless tourists daily, Grand Place isn’t just a popular attraction but has also been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rich past and architectural diversity.

Grand Place, constructed in the 12th century, saw some of its most defining structures completed in the 17th century. Today, the famous site stuns visitors with its diverse architectural tapestries. It showcases a blend of styles that vividly depict European society and culture through the ages, from ornately decorated buildings to gilding adorned houses.

Visiting Grand Place is more than a trip into the past. Throughout the year, a hive of activity unfolds within the space. The annual flower carpets and the towering Christmas tree in the town centre are highlights, transforming the square into an enchanting space. Street performers and musicians also add to the town’s lively scene as music fills the air. 

Maison des Cygnes

Unforgettable Gastronomy at La Maison du Cygne

Be whisked away on an unforgettable culinary journey, where a team of imaginative chefs prepares various beautifully presented dishes. From fresh seafood and succulent meats to seasonal vegetables, there’s something to tantalise every palate. Top it all off on a sweet note with decadent desserts!

La Maison du Cygne offers prestige catering for every occasion. They have three-, four-, or five-course set menus tailored to your needs. Enjoy a symphony of flavours with ceviche-style salmon, beef striploin, and pineapple and fennel tartare, to name a few culinary creations you can look forward to biting into. 

Pair your meal with the perfect bottle of wine from La Maison du Cygne’s extensive wine collection. Their onsite cellar is permanently stocked with more than 70,000 bottles.

La Maison du Cygne’s Versatile Lounges

As you glance inside La Maison du Cygne, you’ll find opulent lounges. Each boasts a refined and exclusive atmosphere. You can reimagine them into anything you want, from luxury conference rooms to extravagant gala dinners.

Some event venues have pretty terraces. They’re ideal for al fresco dining. Others have fancy balconies, grand staircases, and period fireplaces. These features create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The rest have great built-in bars. There, you can savour tasty drinks before an exquisite meal.

What are you waiting for? The perfect setting for your next special gathering, small or grand, awaits at La Maison du Cygne.

  • Number of event rooms: 6
  • Largest room capacity (theatre): 80 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event): 300 people
  • Largest room (in square meters): 240 m²

Custom Services and Amenities for a Seamless Event 

The restaurant has more to offer than its distinctive look and food. La Maison du Cygne provides custom services to help you create a perfect event.

This Brussels luxury event venue goes beyond itself to elevate your event. It uses atmospheric music and lighting, modern AV systems, and onsite catering. But that’s only the beginning.

Book a magician to infuse your celebration with surprise and wonder. If you want your event to be another kind of magical, why not book a floral stylist? Sure, fancy decor might be enough for the senses. But carefully picked blooms will add the personal touch you want.

They also offer photographers, security, and more, considering every event detail so you won’t have to. Contact La Maison du Cygne today!

Choosing la Maison du Cygne: Not Your Typical Venue

As a refined, blank canvas awaiting your vision, any event imagined comes alive at La Maison du Cygne, a new member of Brussels Special Venues!

From its prestigious, central location and its opulent atmosphere to its well-crafted private event venues and prime amenities, watch out for this premier space in 2024!

These rooms can become anything you want, from luxury conference rooms to private spaces with an intimate setting. 

Wondering if La Maison du Cygne is right for the event you’re planning? Explore our Venue Finder Tool; visit their website or follow them on Instagram and watch their story unfold. 

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