Street Food, Vibes and Events: Say Hello to Our New Member, Wolf Food Market

Wolf venue

Another member has joined our growing family of unique and extraordinary event spaces and venues. Brussels Special Venues welcomes WOLF Food Market, a Brussels street food fixture, microbrewery, and trendy event space.

This former building, now a food lover’s paradise, boasts a rich past and a spirited present. It’s here where people can meet, eat, and be merry.

Open seven days a week, WOLF Food Market is the place to visit for an authentic foodie and craft brew experience. Whether it’s for a mid-week visit or a lively weekend outing, WOLF will satisfy your food cravings.

But it’s not just the authentic international food that draws the crowds. WOLF’s colourful events are another top attraction. From paint and sip evenings to cooking competitions and more, discover WOLF Food Market’s world of entertainment.

Wolf venue

Overview and Design of Wolf Food Market

The ASLK building features an imposing exterior, characterised by the bold “Wolf” inscription on the front and refined architectural and design details.

This facade says alot about the building’s rich history, while playful touches, like the “craft beer” and “sharing food” hashtags, hint at its present use. 

A diverse culinary world awaits you inside. As you enter, a dazzling array of pop-up kiosks will greet you, all vying for your attention.

Armed with mouth-watering dishes, where should you go next? Find your perfect spot amid the wide variety of seating options. Enjoy a fun, cosy, and friendly atmosphere where you can connect with others over good Brussels street food. Relics from the building’s banking days –old counters and other details – have been reimagined into unique decor and used as countertops, tables, chairs and lamps.

As you chat and savour your meal, gaze upwards at the Val Saint Lambert’s glass ceiling. It’s another of the building’s unique features that fills the rooms with character and light.

The History of Wolf Food Market: Living up to Its Name

The WOLF Food Market’s origin story traces back to when Brussels was a simple settlement around a swamp called Broekzoelle, home to roaming wolves.

Fast-forward to 1948. A renowned building was about to be built on Wolvengracht (Wolf Street), where wolf packs once gathered. The development served as the headquarters for the ASLK, Algemene Spaar—en Lijfrentekas (General Savings and Annuity Fund). In a way, the venue became home to “wolves” of another kind, those within the world of finance. 

Today, the premises have been revamped. Lip-smacking cuisine made by a legion of culinary wolves has replaced the bustle of business activity. 

Wolf venue

No Passport Required: WOLF Food Market’s International Food and Drink 

You don’t have to travel further than a few tram stops to taste authentic international cuisine. Embark on a culinary world tour without leaving Brussels at WOLF Food Market!

Wander around the street food market, enticed by the array of culinary delights under one roof. Sample heavenly morsels of Syrian bread baked in traditional ovens. Then, enjoy bites of delicately made Japanese sushi. Or, if you’re looking for authentically Italian dishes, try spaghetti, prepared with recipes straight out of Nonna’s kitchen. Just shut your eyes, open your mouth and let the authentic international food transport you across the globe.

WOLF Food Market offers more than just a meal. Sharing and exchanging food with family and friends is at the heart of this culinary experience. Take your tastebuds on an adventure, one bite at a time, and create lifelong memories over food.

But what is street food? Is it synonymous with convenient, fast food? While the WOLF Food Market chefs offer the convenience and speed of fast food, they prioritise quality and sustainability. These international cuisine dishes are a tasty testament to high-quality street fare. Fresh ingredients and ethically sourced produce are in every dish. 

Wolf venue

Craft Brew Heaven: Onsite Beers Made at Wolf Food Market

As an enthusiastic, beer-drinking nation, we know there’s no better pairing than the one between a cold pint and a delicious food selection. WOLF takes this marriage to the next level.

Not only do they sell many craft brews, but they also manufacture them at their onsite microbrewery.

This means you can enjoy endless access to your favourite craft beers brewed near your food-laden table.

Interested in craft beer production? Take your love for the golden drink further with a guided microbrewery tour.

Wolf Venue

Beyond Food and Drink: Events

Renowned for having the trendiest public events in Brussels, the WOLF Food Market raises the bar beyond its 18 food kiosks. It also hosts an exciting monthly programme of events.

March promises a jam-packed schedule centred around all things food and drink.

This month, don’t miss WOLF’s second edition of Food Fights. Cheer on some of Brussels’ most promising chefs brought together in a culinary battle of precision, originality and, best of all, a spirit for Brussels street food. Grand prize stands at €10 000 or a pop-up at WOLF. Come along and witness the innovation and passion behind the street food you love. You may also be the taste testers for never-before-seen kitchen creations at WOLF. 

Looking to spice things up in the kitchen? Learn to cook traditional Nikkei cuisine, a unique Peruvian and Japanese culinary fusion. 

If you’re more of an appreciator of good food and drink than a passionate cook, you won’t want to skip WOLF’S cheese and beer evening. Attendees can learn the secrets behind beer making on a microbrewery tour, followed by an artisan cheese tasting. Beer and cheese, what more could you want?

Click here to discover more about events happening this March at WOLF.

Location and Surrounds

WOLF Food Market is on Wolvengracht (Wolf Street) near Grand Place and Rue Neuve. It lies close to many metro, tram, and bus lines, so everyone can easily reach it. 

While the prime destination has enough to satisfy all your needs, other interesting places are also in the area.

Nearby is Parc du Cinquantenaire. The landscaped 19th-century, which features gardens and fountains, is perfect for a post-meal stretch. 

Additionally, you’ll find shopping malls, hotels, museums, and other attractions dotted around the area.

Room and Catering Options

Create a lasting impression at your next corporate event where the menu and vibe are unforgettable! WOLF Food Market offers three unique privatised areas, accommodating between 10 and 800 people and endless catering options. 

Whether you’re planning a business function or a casual gathering with friends, WOLF will bring your vision to life and reduce your event organising stress.

At the heart of any event is the food, which WOLF Food Market knows something about. Choose from diverse eats and international menus that match budget, preferences and dietary requirements, whether you want a big buffet, a la carte or appetisers. 

  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Largest room capacity (theatre): 350 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event): 800 people
  • Largest room (in square meters): 1800 m

Amenities and Services Offered by WOLF Food Market

Catering is one less thing you’ll need to worry about at the WOLF Food Market. Yet, their commitment to running events doesn’t stop at excellent fare and well-sized spaces.

All three event rooms in Brussels have WIFI, while two, Lounge and Cantina, offer music and bars for a lively atmosphere.

Your audio-visual needs are also covered with comprehensive facilities and services. Most of the rooms have TV screens and microphones. Their dedicated team ensures hands-on technical help for the seamless execution of presentations.

For smaller events, rent The Wolf Lab as a dinner venue in Brussels, featuring a central circular table and a private kitchen.

Convenience is key, and guests can access paid parking areas and designated bicycle spots.

What Makes Wolf Food Market’s Special?

Brussels event scene might boast many attractive options, but WOLF stands out ahead of the pack. Their extensive hosting and culinary experience is proof that you’re in good hands. 

Embracing three key values: authenticity, sharing, and craftsmanship, the street food market provides the ultimate setting to bring your event to life and craft new memories. 

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