Our dynamic and innovative partners do an amazing job to welcome you and your guests ! This way, it seems important for us to often give them the floor!
Discover who is behind one of them and learn more about the specificity and the vision of the place in 4 questions.
Today, it is Filip Fransen, Business Owner at Albert, that we will be meeting…

3 strong points that make your venue unique?

1- We are located in one of the most iconic buildings of the city center. The old canteen – which represents Albert – in particular has been regarded as an architectural gem. Built in the sixties by Coene and renovated 2 years ago, almost all interior elements have been respected. Our architects only slightly adjusted to the new century by adding a few colors.
2- Next to the amazing view over the city on one side, because it is located on the 5th floor of the royal library, we also have 2 big rooftop terraces (for a total of 2200m²) which can be privatised separately for creative rooftop events.
3- The venue is owned by Witlof catering with its flagship lunch restaurant Albert. The biggest added value in our hearts is our kitchen’s quality, which has been judged by 2 well known and respected critics 4 out of 5 stars. (French and Dutch)

What facilities does your venue offer for a B2B event?

We have a big dining area of 600m² which can be divided in smaller parts and 2 rooftop terraces of 2200m² in total, perfect for cocktails and evening dinners.

You are a BSV member. Why did you join us ?

We always knew you existed and were on our list from the start. BSV represents a decent and professional range of event venues. The network behind BSV is also one of the biggest positive points. 

Last question on the future of events: How did you cope following the pandemic and how do you see the evolution of events in the months to come ?

The last 2 years were not easy at all. The whole project was supposed to open in May 2020, which was then postponed till May 2021. Anyway, things became better and are now even a little exaggerated. We are almost completely booked for the month of June. Let’s hope this vibe – although it could be calmer or better planned ahead – continues until Christmas but I’m witnessing a certain holding back for when autumn falls into winter. You never know if measures will be needed again.

Would you like to know more about Albert and/or get in touch with them? Find this comer on Albert