Meet our new President and Vice-President!

photo of our president and vice-president

For this blog post, we’ve decided to interview our new President, Annik Halmes and our new Vice-President, Adrien Stordeur. They have been occupying their respective roles since this summer.

Hello to both of you, could you please introduce yourselves?

Hello, I am Annik Halmes, the newly appointed President of Brussels Special Venues. I am also the Planning & Ticketing Manager at Bozar, a distinguished cultural venue designed by Victor Horta. My passion lies in navigating the exciting balance between cultural projects and B2B events, making every coexistence of these two a rewarding challenge.

Greetings, I am Adrien Stordeur, the newly appointed Vice-President of Brussels Special Venues. I am also the Sales & Events Specialist at Choux de Bruxelles. I am driven by a fervor for Sales & Events conception. My work centers around the enchanting venues of Choux de Bruxelles and our valued venue partners, where creative event experiences come to life.

What is your vision for Brussels Special Venues and the implementation strategy?

Our overarching goal at Brussels Special Venues is to foster cohesion among our members and amplify Brussels’ allure for the MICE sector. This involves crafting tailored solutions for clients by recommending venues that perfectly suit their needs, thus elevating the city’s appeal and reputation.

What are your key objectives as President/Vice-President?

As President/Vice-President, our objectives are clear: To attentively listen to our members, invigorate camaraderie among them, and energize the Board to incubate fresh ideas and projects for the association’s growth.

How will you encourage collaboration among the different venues in Brussels to create synergy and promote cooperation?

Promoting unity among diverse venues in Brussels is vital. We aim to achieve this by encouraging cross-promotion, orchestrating joint programming and events, facilitating knowledge exchange, and organizing regular networking gatherings for meaningful face-to- face interactions.

How do you intend to enhance the visibility and reputation of Brussels Special Venues?

We’re dedicated to fortifying the reputation of Brussels Special Venues. This entails forging partnerships with key authorities and industry associations such as Visit Brussels and Event Confederation. Additionally, our involvement in industry events will play a pivotal role in showcasing our commitment.

What is your strategy for attracting new members and expanding the network of affiliated venues within the association?

Our strategy for expanding our network involves fostering a collaborative and inclusive community. By amplifying the visibility of both the association and its members, we’ll naturally draw new venues to be part of our vibrant network.

What are the major challenges you face as the President/Vice-President of the association, and how do you plan to address them?

In our role, challenges span from managing member expectations and generating leads across diverse venue types to adapting swiftly to industry shifts. To tackle these, we aim to employ diverse communication strategies and broaden our customer base.

Thank you!

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