Hello Backstage Brussels!

Our big event is approaching and we can’t wait! đŸ„ł

If you are just joining us, don’t hesitate to check our latest article to get informed on “Backstage Brussels”.

Whether you are already registered or just getting informed of this event, it is time to get onto more details! We figured the best way to do that is to interview our Association Manager, Heidi Martens and our Vice-President, Annik Halmes.

Who is invited? Do I have to be a client or are all event organizers welcome? 

All event organizers that are interested in our collection of special venues in Brussels are mostly welcome ! But there is a limit to the number of invites, so if you haven’t done yet, please don’t hesitate to register !

Can you tell us more about the dinner?

The dinner is kindly offered by Brussels Special Venues in one of our prestigious venues, the Royal Library of Belgium ! It is served on 16th of February from 7PM onwards. Also here: there is a limit to the number of attendees !

What is the time schedule?

All invites are expected to gather on the 16 and/or 17th of February at the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg in Brussels between 9-9.15, where a warm cup of coffee will be served at one of our venues: Plein Publiek. The tours will start from there, so please be in time ! There is a trainway station (Central station) close by as well as a parking area (Albertine).

What are the top three things to look forward to?

You will discover our beautiful collection of special venues, you will have the chance to have a guided tour through Brussels and you can assist to the dinner on the 16th of February.

What do you mean by visiting the venues “like never before”?

The concept of this event is to have a front- and backstage view of our venues, therefore it is called ‘Backstage Brussels’. In each tour there will also be a special workshop that you can follow.

Do I have to come both days?

No, you can choose for one day or for both ! You can indicate this by choosing the right registration form.

Will the representatives of the Brussels Mice scene be there? And the BSV-members?

As we organize this event together with Visit Brussels, the Convention office of Brussels, representatives of Visit Brussels will be there, and off course you will have the chance to meet the people who are in charge of our venues.

Thank you Heidi and Annik!

Want to register for the event or subscribe to a specific tour? Here are the links for Thursday 16th and Friday 17th!

We are so looking forward to welcome you in our amazing venues! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Justine by email, she will gladly answer!

See you soon!