Enjoy a prestigious venue in the beautiful Parc du Cinquantenaire, just a few steps away from the European Quarter.

Autoworld Brussels

More than just a vintage cars museum, Autoworld is a prestigious classic building classified as one of Brussels’ architectural heritages. This magnificent edifice is located in an emblematic place with vast set of gardens and monuments as Sebastien de Baere, the General Manager of the museum, reminds us:

Autoword is located in “Parc du Cinquantenaire”. Its arc was created for the fifty years of the independence of Belgium. This is where its name comes from. We can say that we have a very nice situation in the park with our classified building. It’s really a magical place.

So, when you go to Autoworld, the historical stamp is there! Yet make no mistake… it may be a building steeped in history, but it’s also a venue that keeps up with its times. It can host intimate or large-scale events for local and international clients in a setting that is both historic and high-tech. Indeed, Lauren Broothaers, Autoworld‘s Project Coordinator, explains:

For instance, we had a client for whom an entire green screen studio was created. That was a first for us. So it wasn’t a hybrid event like we normally do. It was really a full set, which was particularly cool.

The General Manager also reveals that they are currently finalizing their vision for the future of the site, which they call “Autoworld 3.0”:

We analyze all the points we can improve in terms of infrastructure and audiovisual setups. We want to be remembered for years to come, so it is essential to improve every year. To do so, we challenge our suppliers and partners. For instance, every year we ask our technical partner to invest in improving the screens, sound and lighting. We also hold a competition every two years with our caterers to choose the top three.

For Autoworld‘s team, it’s essential to stay sharp because if they wait, there’s a train that’s going to go by and they won’t be on it. So they make sure to seize every opportunity and try to be proactive in their approach.

This venue also had no trouble addressing the Covid situation as it is spacious with 15 square miles and a ceiling of about 30 meters high. You might as well say that there is plenty of space to comply with the government’s sanitary rules and to help you organize a covid-friendly event! If you like classic buildings that have prestige and are well located then you are at the right place!

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