Member in the spotlight: Concert Noble !

Brussels Special Venues wants to be a dynamic partner close to its “special venues”…
This way, it seems important for us to often give them the floor!
Discover who is behind one of them and learn more about the specificity and the vision of the place in 5 questions. Today, it is Stephane from the Edificio (Concert Noble, Solvay Library) that we will be meeting…

What role do you play at Concert Noble?

Edificio, as its name suggests, aims to preserve listed heritage. To achieve this, the properties must be allowed to self-generate the required income for this preservation.

Edificio has implemented an economic model that meets these needs.

Revenue can only be generated by regularly visiting these places. Edificio, therefore, exercises event agency activities, organizing high-end supervised private events (corporate, institutional, associative, etc.).

So that these splendid architectures are not reserved for certain privileged people, organizing these private events, Edificio equally works as a cultural agency by organizing public events, thus allowing all citizens to admire these real estate historical witnesses.

I am responsible for the “Private Events” cell at Edificio, a cell which on the one hand plans these events and on the other hand organizes them on behalf of third parties.

3 strong points that make Concert Noble unique?

Any person who organizes a private event at the Concert Noble fulfills a societal role because, thanks to their contribution to the preservation of properties, they ensure a proper transmission to future generations.
An event is communication. Like any communication, depending on the message you want to convey and your target, it is necessary to choose the best means. For event communication, there is no better means than listed heritage sites.
Ideally located in a strategic quarter (European Quarter), with all the facilities: accessibility, parking, close accommodation, the Concert Noble is indeed one of the most popular places.

What facilities does Concert Noble offer for a B2B event?

In addition to these important undeniable advantages, Concert Noble, from a pragmatic point of view allows the organization of all types of events with up to 740 people taking part and thanks to Edificio’s expertise, we can answer all your needs as catering, audiovisual, streaming, branding, furniture, etc are concerned.
The event is the only multi-sensory communication and Concert Noble responds to all the senses of those taking part in the events.

How long have you been a BSV member and why?

In BSV, there is an “S” which explains why Concert Noble, a very special place, is a member of the association.Edificio is also one of the founding members.

Last question on the future of events: How did you cope following the pandemic and how do you see the evolution of events in the months to come?

Events is a broad field. We have private events on the one hand (corporate, institutional, associative) and on the other hand, public events (cultural, recreational, professional).

High-end private events have always been and will remain a safe bet.

Face-to-face event communication will always be essential, even though remote communication has become a lasting choice.The possibility of organizing this communication remotely has already existed for several years now at Concert Noble; the pandemic situation experienced over the past two years has led our customers to call on it more intensely. And one thing is sure, there will no longer be an event that is not hybrid.

Would you like to know more about Concert Noble and/or get in touch with them?
Find this comer on Concert Noble.