“Why I love Brussels in summer”

Six dynamic event venues representatives, passionate about their city, reveal their favourite summer spots and places to visit in Brussels.

Discover their favourite spots and put yourself and your delegates in the shoes of a Brussels citizen. Discover their secrets places…

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“One of my favourite districts is the Mont des Arts in the centre of Brussels. This is much more than just a historic area, it’s the ideal place to admire the beautiful facades and monuments, or to take a break in the Parc Royal (opposite the Royal Palace), and of course, to enjoy the museums, the exhibitions, and major events such as the Brussels Summer Festival.”


Mathilde Oechsner,

Promotion and communications manager


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“There’s no better place to start a summer’s evening in Brussels, than at one of the terraces at Place du Chatelain (popular with the Bruxellois and expats) or at the Terrasse de l’Hippodrome where you can sit among laid-back crowds and lift your glass to the sunset.”

 Gilles Poot Baudier, General manager

The Egg Brussels

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Saint-Gilles is an emerging, dynamic and creative district. Summer is the time to make the most of the terraces of the Parvis, or to walk in the Duden Park, with its “guinguette” (an open air café with music and dancing). Here one meets people of all ages, all languages, and all communities; in short, it is a neighbourly atmosphere in a capital open to the world.”

Joëlle Yana, Manager


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“Brussels is definitely a green city. To prolong the afternoon in our numerous parks by enjoying a good little snack or cocktail with colleagues in the friendly atmosphere of their kiosks or discovering their hidden places, are definitely things to do here in summertime!”

Alexandra Badila, Events organisation

Museum of Natural Sciences

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When it is sunny, I love to bike with my children and discover new parks in Brussels. I’ve been doing this for ten years and this city is so green that even today, I still manage to discover new gardens. This is how I discovered Les Jardins du fleuriste (the florist’s gardens), a real haven of peace close to the Atomium. To find it, just cross the charming colonial garden at the end of the centenary boulevard.”

 Marc Agboton, Event Manager

Event Hall 10, Brussels Expo 

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Place Flagey is a bit like a beach in Brussels. Terraces extend over the entire square where under the amused gaze of the ducks, children play in the fountains at the edge of the Ixelles ponds.”


Vera Claessens,

Events and sponsorship coordinator