The Egg proposes brand new studios that will allow you to stay connected with your audience!

nouveau studio The Egg

To kick off 2022, the streaming studios at The EGG Brussels are getting a makeover.
These are brand new studios that will allow you to stay connected with your audience!

The decor has been selected to work equally well for a virtual event as for a face-to-face or hybrid event. These changes provide new flexibility, which is essential in the uncertain context of the pandemic..

Three spaces, three atmospheres:

Because they are proud to be from Brussels, The Egg has decided to put Brussels capital city in the spotlight in a studio that bears its name: “The Brussels Corner“, featuring a lounge atmosphere and a superb view of our capital and the Atomium.

The “Wooden Lounge Area” offers a relaxed and warm feel thanks to its wooden decor and use of plants. The screens provide additional communication facilities and allow guests to take part in your debates remotely. This studio can accommodate a public face-to-face event, with 108 comfortable armchairs.

The “Debat Corner” can accommodate up to 12 people face-to-face on stage. The space is arranged in an arc on two levels. A studious yet informal atmosphere is provided using visuals surrounding the six screens. Central projection facilities are also planned, with seating in the room for up to 144 people.

With three spaces equipped with technology fitted by their partner PRG and provided by Wabu productions, The Edge is entering 2022 with great enthusiasm and they look forward to seeing you there.

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