A green Venue for spring: the advantages of organizing an event on a garden in Brussels.

Spring is a great time to hold occasions. Not only does it help get people moving, but it also brings new life to gardens and terraces. When you have a function on a garden or terrace, you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery without worrying about the stress of planning and organizing. Here are seven reasons why organizing a function on a terrace or garden is a great idea.

You Can Keep Things Casual

When it comes time for your guests to arrive, they will be able to enjoy sitting outside on the patio and relaxing during their catering service. This provides more room for guests who want to mingle with each other more than anything else. Instead of worrying about having formal wear at occasions like weddings, think about your guests’ comfort level when deciding on what type of function you would like them at.

You Can Have Discussions without Crowding

People who have been at occasions where there has been too much noise, or crowds usually don’t agree with what was being discussed and may even leave early. 
Whether it is a small group of friends having a chat or planning a function, it is important that everyone feels comfortable so they can participate in the discussions effectively. Organize a function on a terrace or garden so your guests will feel surrounded by nature while still being invited into the conversation.

You Can Use Natural Lighting as Your Theme

When planning an outdoor business function, natural lighting can work wonders as your theme of choice. You can think of a few types of lighting that could work well in your function. 
For example, an ideal setting would be to use the soft glow of a sunset or moonlight as the lighting source. Alternatively, you could also use lanterns or patio lights to provide some ambience and create a unique theme for your event.

You Look Daring and Creative

When you have guests who are willing to dress in different styles for the occasion, you can afford to be daring and creative with your ideas. Of course, we don’t condone breaking conventions just for the sake of it, but at times such occasions may prove worthy of breaking them.

Your Guests Will Be More Active

Outdoor occasions and celebrations are more active than indoor ones since people can move around freely without having to worry about tripping over furniture and bumping into others due to extreme crowding. There is plenty of space, and a well-designed flow in such occasions makes them a perfect family activity.

Tips for Organizing a Green Business Function in Brussels
Let’s look at how one can plan for a business function in Brussels.

Have a Clear Vision

It is easy to get carried away with the many ideas you have when planning this type of function, but it is important to have a clear idea of what you want for your function. Once you have decided on the theme, it will be easier for you to develop a good plan. 
If you are new to planning occasions, ensure that you follow some of these tips, such as preparing details and budgeting before inviting guests.

Prepare the Garden/terrace or Venue

To make your function successful, the place must be prepared well in advance. By using platforms such as Venue Finder, you get to know all the green gardens and venues around you. You need things like flower beds and trees and equipment such as barbeques, chairs, and tables. You should also pick out some decorations like lights or lanterns while deciding on the final theme. 

If possible, try asking someone gardening if they would take care of watering or even cutting back some flowers after your guests leave if there are any issues regarding these aspects.

Plan for Your Guests

Plan what activities will be done but do not just do it in the spur of the moment and expect it to go well. Set up activities such as playing music, projections, and having a barbecue while eating good food. You can also have a few drinks to make the atmosphere more fun and relaxing. 
Make sure that you explain this to your guests before the function so that they know what they can expect. Even if you have been planning it for a while now, they may still have questions, so make sure that you answer their queries as best as possible so that everyone is more comfortable at a function like this.

Prepare Your Budget Effectively

This involves knowing how much money you will need for everything and doing it correctly. If you plan to go for the fancier theme, make sure you have enough money. If this is not an issue, plan your budget according to the number of people attending. 
Put aside a certain amount of money for each person so that they can have enough food, drinks, and other items as they wish while they are at the function, whether they like it or not.


Whether for business or pleasure, organizing a green function or in Brussels shouldn’t be difficult if you are well equipped with these tips. Be sure to check out the venue, your budget, guest list, as well as the client’s preferences. You can also invite some friends from the office or another company if you feel like going for a new and different theme.