Docks Dome

                              Docks Dome, a remarkable event hall on Brussels’ rooftop

                              Located on the rooftop of the shopping district Docks Bruxsel, Docks Dome is an impressive and modern event venue that offers a stunning view on the Laeken’s gardens. A majestic panorama ! Thanks to its 3000m2, Docks Dome can host up to 1400 guests.

                              The venue has two vast terraces to your disposal as well as a welcome area and a main hallway connecting the terraces to the main room. The walls are covered with night blue velvet mobile draping to split the room into one, two or three areas. Offer your event the venue it deserves ! The glass walls give a natural daylight inside the room.

                              A basic technical kit offered by ADC Production (light, sound and video) is available. In addition to that, it is very easy to get to the venue by car or even by public transport.


                              • Imposing and unusual architecture on the rooftop of the shopping district Docks Bruxsel;
                              • 3000 m² of unique space in Brussels with a modern design and 2 panoramic terraces;
                              • Thanks to its modular space, the Docks Dome is suitable for private or corporate events;
                              • Accessible by all means of transport and equipped with an underground public car park with 1700 spaces.
                              BSV - Docks Dome view back terrace

                              HALLS AND CAPACITIES