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Each member from the Brussels Special Venues’ family does an amazing job to welcome you and your guests !
Reason why we love to give them the floor !
Discover who is hiding behind our venues and learn more about the specificity and the vision of each venue in only 5 questions.
Today, we meet Annette Richter who is responsible for booking events at LA TRICOTERIE.

What role do you play at your venue?

I am responsible for booking events at la Tricoterie.

3 strong points that make your venue unique?

1. The people: we are lucky to work with an exceptional team of dedicated and creative professionals and have at the same time fun in the process !
We have everything in-house: event planners, event managers, technical assistance and an organic and zero waste catering service!

2. The venue is spacious, warm, sustainable and and we can adapt it easily to our clients needs

3. La Tricoterie is an event venue and a cultural centre, so if you book an event with us, you patron a cultural centre as well!

What facilities does your venue offer for a B2B event?

Salle des Arches: A big plenary room  (320m2) for up to 325 persons in theatre style, 290 persons for a walking dinner and 400 persons standing, with full technical equipment

Foyer: A catering/reception area of 150m2 with a beautiful terrace
Salon: A big space ideal for a projection or a dance party (180m2) with a bar
NEW: an Italian style theatre for 150 persons (opening 19/9/2022)
NEW: our Attic, a brand-new meeting room with lots of daylight above our theatre.

You are a BSV member. Why did you join us ?

We enjoy being a member of a strong network. Heidi Martens*’s idea to view each other as partners rather than competitors is just brilliant and her relentless lobbying strongly supports our industry.
*Heidi Martens, Association Manager

Last question on the future of events: How did you cope following the pandemic and how do you see the evolution of events in the months to come?

We created a mobile catering service when people couldn’t come to our venue and are developing this aspect more and more. 
La Tricoterie is exporting its excellent organic and zero waster cuisine everywhere in Belgium now.

We also created a theatre of 150 places and an extra room, the Attic, with a crowd founding call. 
La Tricoterie is a co-operative and many people showed us their full support by co-financing the theatre in the middle of the pandemic. We are very thankful for this!

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