The Ultimate Brussels Event Venue Checklist

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With a big wedding or promotional launch coming up, you might be searching for the perfect venue to match your budget and unique requirements. Finding a venue that reflects your vision can feel a lot like navigating a maze, but fear not, Brussels Special Venues is ready to be your guide.

Venues offer more than four doors and a roof; they set the stage for your event’s success. So, choosing the right space is crucial, whether you’re planning a small or large gathering. 

While your event might have unique needs, here’s a handy event venue checklist of features and must-haves to help guide your search – from the essentials and location to inclusivity measures and more.

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Ease of Accessibility and Convenient Parking

Location is the first and most crucial item on our event venue checklist. A convenient venue sets a positive first impression, unlike far-flung or hard-to-reach locations that can cause stress or fatigue for your guests.

Easy access paves the way for happy guests who arrive on time and feel relaxed at events. That’s why choosing unique venues in Brussels with desirable locations near public transport, airports, and hotels for guests coming out of town is ideal.

For drivers, make parking a breeze by opting for venues with ample parking. These event venue features are more convenient than off-street parking.

Ambience, Inclusivity and Accessibility

A rustic farmhouse might befit an Indie wedding, but its whimsy might not suit a corporate event. With that in mind, finding the right venue is more than the location. The space should match the ambience you’d like to create.  

Take a close look at architectural styles when touring shortlisted venues. While decorations can add necessary flair to your celebration, the venue should align with the event’s vibe. 

Providing for guests with disabilities and special needs is also important, especially if your company boasts inclusivity. This commitment should begin with choosing venues offering wheelchair and accessibility access. Think ramps, elevators and wide doorways.

Beyond the venue itself, small touches make a big difference. You can enrich and provide a welcoming experience for everyone with these thoughtful amenities:

  • Providing high-contrast signage for easier reading
  • Hand out listening devices to amplify sound
  • Have sign language interpreters around

Safe and Security 

Hope for the best, but plan for every scenario. Reduce potential risks and increase your guests’ peace of mind with proactive security measures. 

Implement some of these approaches and customise them as needed. 

  • Hire trained professionals to patrol the premises, deny unauthorised access, and assist with crowd control for larger events. 
  • Have the premises watched closely. This includes entrances, exits, hallways, and other critical areas. Use robust video surveillance if needed.
  • Develop contingency plans for emergencies that are clear and easy to follow. 
  • Ensure police and emergency services have unimpeded access to the venue.

Basic Necessities and Event Venue Essentials

Finding your perfect venue is great, but there’s more you’ll need to check off your event venue checklist. For a smooth sailing event, you’ll need a suite of basics like the below. Think of them as must-haves for any modern event.

Tech-savvy Features: High-speed Wi-Fi is a must if you’re hosting conferences or exhibitions that include presentations or events where your guests want to stay connected (think social media posts). 

Audiovisual equipment: Projectors, screens, sound systems, and similar event venue features used for presenting, entertaining, and producing the right atmosphere.  

An array of essential services: Don’t forget about the invisible heroes of every event! From cleaning staff to wait personnel, the people tirelessly working behind the scenes (and FOH) are necessary for a flawless event. 

Comfortable Furnishings: Tables and chairs that complement your event style and keep your guests happy, especially during longer periods. 

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Going Beyond the Basics

Are you looking for a special venue that offers more than the ordinary? Add specific features to your event venue checklist!

Make your celebration memorable with unforgettable cuisine. Many of our venues offer special in-house catering or a curated list of recommended caterers. We’ve made it easy for you to find venues that’ve partnered with top-rated catering companies.

Step up your event with spaces that possess a nice touch. Why not seek out spaces boasting unusually high ceilings, wraparound windows, a rooftop terrace, or gardens from which guests can catch some fresh air and enjoy panoramas?  

If you’re hosting a business function, some nice-to-have amenities might include a breakout space for group discussions or even a meditation room for peace and quiet.

Good Acoustics 

Have you ever been to an event so noisy that you must shout to be heard or struggle to follow conversations? Frustrating, right? 

Acoustics, which refers to how sound travels in space, can make a world of difference and should make your event venue checklist. For example, low ceilings can get loud, while high ceilings produce echoes. So, be sure to consider acoustics when evaluating potential venues, going for a happy medium for improved sound quality at an event. 

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