BluePoint opens a brand new high-tech “Green Key-Studio” in Brussels!

On 17 February 2022, Agoria Real Estate, better known as BluePoint Meet.Work.Tech. opened a green key recording studio in Brussels for digital events and video productions.

This brand new studio is one of the largest in the Brussels region and has been equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment. And that is not surprising, because technology is central to BluePoint
The idea for building the studio originated during the corona crisis. This milestone definitively changed the event mix, and BluePoint, an established name in Belgium for the organisation of corporate events, is skilfully responding to this.

Thanks to the green key recording studio at BluePoint Brussels, corporate companies today have access to new, stunning digital event possibilities. Moreover, the new ‘tech’ gem at BluePoint will not escape the notice of production companies either.

The studio’s total surface area is no less than 100m², including a 70m² stage with three green walls and a green floor, which will be replaced by an impressive and fully customisable virtual and immersive 3D environment during a live streaming or recording event. 

In this way, companies can show off their corporate image better than in a permanently equipped studio. The studio is also equipped with a separate control room, make-up room and a VIP lounge.

For the concept of the studio, BluePoint called on the expertise of Benoit Weisgerber, lighting designer at the nearby RTBF studios, and also enlisted the cooperation of two companies that are part of the Agoria Sports & Entertainment Technology Club, namely NEP & Painting with Light.

BluePoint invested in the latest technologies in video, sound and lighting equipment. The cameras are equipped with tracking, which makes the backgrounds and movements look just like those in a real television studio.

The easy accessibility of the BluePoint building in Brussels, underground parking facilities, access to numerous other meeting rooms with on-site catering infrastructure and the business environment will make the choice easy for interested parties.  
As the icing on the cake, BluePoint will provide professional A to Z support. Live broadcasts are of course also possible thanks to BluePoint’s live streaming platform.

The concept and layout of the studio was drawn up by Agoria Real Estate itself after consultation with external consultants RTBF, NEP & Painting with Light.

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