Work with a ‘meeting architect’, who will help you realise your objectives from concept to the final product

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As meeting and event organiser, your aim is to maximise the learning, networking and motivation of your participants.

This is fundamental to the success of any event and you cannot fail! 

But from the proliferation of meetings technologies and solutions, how do you choose what will best suit your event? 

Try working with a ‘meeting architect’, who will build your event collaboratively according to your specifications. 


What will the meeting architect do? 


1. Objectives

Identify the meeting objectives

2. Design

Design the meeting based on those objectives using tools                 from a toolbox of 5 main categories: concept, design,                 human, technical and technology

3. Produce

Produce the meeting: ensure that everything is carried out                 according to plan and budget

4. Assess

Assess the measured end-results and make a report

Wondering what are the solutions that you might find with a Meeting Architect?

Want to know more about Meeting Architecture? 

Meeting with Maarten Vanneste

Meeting Innovator
President of the Meeting Design Institute
Author of Meeting Architecture


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Conversations & input (C&I):

a unique way to radically improve your audience interaction

No technology, simple to implement, and free

That Q&A moment, at the end of a session, is when just a handful of participants get to ask the speaker a question: often an unsatisfactory one-to-one engagement with little relevance or interest and only the smallest form of interaction in which less than 1% of your audience is engaged.

Adopt C&I, is the next generation Q&A

C&I is an effective, engaging and simple approach to speaker sessions that will radically improve the degree of your audience interaction to 75% or even 100%!

C&I, is the next generation Q&A that breaks away from the traditional ‘listening-to-the-speaker-only’ format.

Discover how to optimise your audience engagement, enliven sessions, and take your meeting to a new level.  


With and by Maarten Vaneste, Meeting Architect