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With the a new year coming up, Brussels Special Venues is open to expanding its association and is looking for new venues to join the family. Are you managing a venue in Brussels or in Belgium? Then this article is for you!

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Joining Brussels Special Venues, a unique not-for-profit association, could be your key to success. The association is dedicated to supporting and representing exceptional venues in Brussels on a global stage.

One of the core beliefs of Brussels Special Venues is “Together we are stronger!” This mantra is evident in how the association reaches event organisers worldwide, creating opportunities for growth, increased event bookings, and the establishment of lasting business relationships both locally and internationally.

Visibility is crucial in the competitive event space. By joining BSV, your venue gains optimal digital and international exposure. The association’s website, www.venues.be, is a magnet for over 30,000 event organisers annually, looking for the perfect venue for conferences, meetings, and various events.

Brussels Special Venues ensures your venue is constantly in the spotlight. Through strategic marketing campaigns and representation at professional fairs both in Belgium and abroad, the association enhances your venue’s visibility far beyond what might be achievable individually.

Being part of our association is synonymous with quality and professionalism. The association is recognised internationally, elevating the brand image and quality standards of Brussels’ events industry. Membership serves as a hallmark of excellence, assuring clients of your commitment to the highest standards.

As a member, you gain a voice in a powerful advocacy group that lobbies for the sector’s interests. The board of directors, along with marketing and communication experts, work tirelessly to represent and defend the interests of Brussels’ exceptional venues.

More than just an association, Brussels Special Venues is a community. Members collaborate, share experiences, and sometimes even clients. It’s a space for mutual growth and learning, ensuring you’re never alone in your business journey.

In summary, joining Brussels Special Venues means more than just membership; it’s an opportunity to be part of a movement that elevates your venue and connects you with a network of professionals. For more information, reach out to Association Manager, Heidi Martens (heidi@venues.be). Embrace the opportunity to grow, be visible, and stand out in the world of exceptional event venues!

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