Welcome to Our New Member at Brussels Special Venues: TRACK

Main hall of track with very high ceilings.
Main hall of Track

Having opened its doors to the public in early 2024, TRACK is the latest unconventional venue joining Brussels Special Venues

A former railway museum, its creators describe it as an experimental and innovative event space that doesn’t fit inside a box. 

Instead, it’s a destination where people gather and connect for various meet-ups, making it their own. Thanks to its flexible layout, the venue can be effortlessly transformed into a productive space. Full of potential, it can be used for team pow-wows, fancy gala dinners, and more, adapting to any event size and vision.

From all of us at Brussels Special Venues, welcome to our new member. TRACK is a not-to-be-missed event space.

Overview: New Member at Brussels Special Venues 

If you want event locations to rent with a difference, TRACK’s address checks the boxes for unusual. 

Nestled inside Brussels Train Station, this hidden gem once housed the former historic Brussels Railway Museum.

Discover a world rich with a preserved train history, old-world charms and modern elements as you step inside and look around. Newly renovated for this era, the repurposed flexible event space in Brussels is the perfect blend of old meets new. 

And while you might find the interiors stately and elegant, you’ll fall in love with the bird’s eye vistas of the station and the sweeping surrounding areas. With the site featuring countless windows, unlimited views surround you. 

Let’s talk about the surrounding location. Go outside and let the sights and sounds of a bustling station wash over you. 

Ready to witness the venue’s magic? You can take a sneak peek from platform one or climb its grand staircase to Track’s main entrance for a tour. 

The Conception of Track: A Historical Venue in Brussels

Introducing TRACK, a two-years-in-the-making dream brought to life. Its much-anticipated launch wouldn’t be a reality without the many collaborators and supporters who believed in its vision. 

A former railway museum for the Belgian Railway Company, fascinating train station models and locomotive exhibits once filled the unconventional venue. Since then, the event space has switched gears, trading train memorabilia for the vibrant buzz of events. Revamped and ready for its next chapter, this transformed event location to rent is now available for various programs, activities and events. Watch this space!

What makes TRACK different is that adaptability knows no bounds. Built for multiple room uses, it fits the needs of a team-building session and an engagement dinner alike. 


TRACK is a site to behold, blending heritage with modern decor. 

Exuding an elegant and timeless flair, the majestic historical venue in Brussels offers hints of its former glory as you explore its spaces. 

Not only will guests immerse themselves in the past, but they will also feel comfortable in TRACK’s vast spaces. The venue’s sweeping halls and high double ceilings cultivate an airy, inviting ambience.

Natural sunrays streaming through expansive windows cloak the space in a beautiful golden glow, creating a light-filled and warm environment for any function or event.

The iconic stairwell leading to TRACK and its front door inscribed with the words “Musee” are welcoming reminders of what the space used to hold while symbolising its exciting future and partnership with Brussels Special Venues. 

Location and Surrounds 

All aboard TRACK, a unique event venue inside Brussels North Station. 

TRACK offers a serene environment to host your next venue amid the gentle hums, whirs and whooshes of trains and station activity. 

If you need a burst of inspiration or a change of scenery, glance outside the window. The venue, overlooking the train’s network and scenic surrounding areas, provides breathtaking views and a unique glimpse into the inner workings of a train station. 

When it’s time to unwind after a successful event, consider visiting cultural landmarks, like the Botanic Garden of Brussels or the Centre Pompidou Museum.

Available Rooms 

Event places to rent within TRACK are perfect for a diverse spectrum of events. 

With its high ceilings, state-of-the-art facilities and spaciousness, the main hall can comfortably hold between 250 and 350 persons.

The central void features a beautiful large curtain that isn’t just a stunning centrepiece to admire. Instead, the curtain sub-divides the space, transforming one giant room into multiple smaller areas. Why not use these nooks for smaller gatherings or intimate sessions?

Here’s a little more information. 

  • Number of event rooms: 1
  • Largest room capacity (theatre): 250 people
  • Maximum capacity (for a single event): 350 people
  • Largest room (in square meters): 630 m²

Amenities and Services 

TRACK goes beyond impressing you with grand facades. With their suite of convenient facilities and amenities, they’re more than equipped to facilitate your event.

Available in-house catering ensures guests are fed and satisfied with a tempting menu, drinks and snacks. The rooms are spotlessly scrubbed, thanks to the cleaning service provided before your guests arrive, with every surface polished and window left gleaming. Meanwhile, an on-hand audio-visual team handles your IT needs and resolves tech issues. 

But that’s not all. TRACK powers the rooms with complimentary WIFI, screens and televisions, making hybrid and digital-run events possible. The rooms also come partially furnished with tables and chairs, offering a starting part for setting up your event. 

An onsite bicycle facility has been safely secured for guests who prefer eco-friendly commutes. 

Why Choose TRACK?

As a blank canvas awaiting your vision, any event imagined is possible at TRACK, a new member of Brussels Special Venues! From its unusual location and creative atmosphere to its thoughtfully crafted event spaces and prime amenities, this stunningly reimagined train station event venue is a top venue pick to watch out for in 2024!

Wondering if TRACK is right for the event you’re planning? Contact Brussels Special Venues for more information, visit the TRACK website or follow them on Instagram and watch their story unfold. 

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