Train World

Make your upcoming event an unforgettable moment for you and your guests by immersing them in the history of Belgian railroads at Train World. A breathtaking industrial atmosphere with beautiful steam locomotives and other historical collectibles will await you. You will indeed be able to propose in addition to your event a visit of the museum, which let us recall it, is currently gratified of 3 stars in the Michelin green guide!

According to Train World’s Event Manager Nicolas Bohain :

The highlight is without a doubt the museum. As soon as people come to Train World for an on-site visit, they are so fascinated by the beauty of the museum and the industrial aspect of our main hall, “La Salle des Pas Perdus”, that I don’t have much else to do. They are in awe. People come to have a very serious conference or seminar, so a visit of the museum afterwards is the perfect way to relax and wrap up the event in style.

Whether it’s for a conference, a corporate event, a walking dinner or another occasion, Train World put at your disposal different spaces and catering services for events up to 600 people. Although Train World is a historic venue, it still lives up to its time to make your event a success with its state-of-the-art audiovisual partner – Altrolux.

We can propose hybrid events, either live or recorded. Translation services with interpreting booths are also available, either in person or with software that allows translators to translate live from their office. An event coordinator is also on site to have direct contact with the organizers and adapt to their needs.

In Nicolas’s opinion, the numerous workshop possibilities are another strong point of Train World, with the latest example being the event organized by BNP Paribas Fortis which rented the whole museum to make several workshops in the four halls.

When you think about it, they had meetings between two mythical Belgian locomotives, in an old train station,… it’s amazing. The employees left the museum very happy. They worked but they really had an exceptional working environment.

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