Say hello to HUB Brussels!

logo of hospitality Brussels

Brussels Special Venues is proud to announce that we have partnered with HUB Brussels Hospitality!

HUB Brussels Hospitality is a network to support and promote hospitality stakeholders in Brussels. They help members by finding aids and subsidies, they help elaborate your business model and business plan, they look for partnership opportunities and many other services… Therefore, it is natural that the partnership between Brussels Special Venues and them came to light.

We will now have access to a team of experts in the field, increased visibility, thematic and networking events with high added value and an additional network of experts in tourism, events and culture.

For more information about our association, reach out to Association Manager, Heidi Martens. Embrace the opportunity to grow, be visible, and stand out in the world of exceptional event venues! Visit our website to gather more information! Follow our InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn for all the latest updates! Want to keep in touch for other updates? Subscribe to our newsletter!