New Trends 2022 For Your Incentives 

The last two years have brought significant changes in people’s lives, and mostly not in a positive way. Some people lost their jobs and businesses, while others remained indoors for the better part of the day. These changes have brought major changes in organizations and employee behavior. Many face uncertainties, while others find it difficult to get their lives back to normal. With the world opening back again, it’s time to shake things up with new and trendy incentives to help everyone get back on track.
If you want to get started, read on to discover new incentive trends for 2022.

Team Building

Team building has been a trend for many years in Brussels, but this practice has never been more critical than today, and for a good reason, everybody is struggling to adjust to the new norm. It would help if you look for venues appropriate for team-building activities, which will help your employees reconnect and bond after being away from each other. These activities should also help new employees to adjust to their new environment and bond with their colleagues much faster.

Some team building activities include:

  • Try a Compliment Circle
  • Host a Brainstorming Session
  • Have a “Show and Tell”
  • Play Team or Board Games
  • Create a Scavenger Hunt
  • Give Out Blind Directions
  • Host a Lunch and Learn
  • Put on a Contest
  • Volunteer
  • Start a Book Club
  • Form an Intramural League

After coming up with an appropriate activity, it would help find appropriate venues close to your work area to wring the most of the activity.

Weekly or Morning Virtual Meetings

Employees who work remotely in Brussels also need to bond to sync with their colleagues. Organize virtual meetings to foster a positive remote working culture and allow your employees to know each other and interact.

Some of the best practices for remote team building include:

  • Create an end goal and work backward
  • Find virtual team-building activities in which they can engage during their meetings. Ideal activities include online games and book clubs. You may also ask them to discuss and come up with ideas.

Create Company Events

Creating company events is among the most trendy post covid incentives. These events are much more than giving your employees a chance to gather.

These events help:

  • Boost Morale
  • Promote creativity
  • Allow employees to open up to each other
  • Create a synchronized, focused team
  • Improve employer-employee relationship

Therefore, find Brussels Special Venues and organize events that employees can attend in person. Whether you are holding a workshop day, awards ceremony, summer picnic, holiday party, or just dinner, getting company venues in Brussels is the way.

Implement a Company Tourism Programme

Traveling is an incredible way to maintain the mental well-being of a person. It contributes to a happier life by relieving stress and improving the general outlook on life, especially after the pandemic. When organizing such trips, remember to organize nature tours to allow your employees to breathe fresh air. Nature eco-tours will also help them appreciate the world again and probably motivate them to make it a better place.

If you are a small business without a traveling budget, you may organize daybreak and allow your employees to visit a nearby park. You can also find Brussels Special Venues and organize a community cookout or an environmental cleaning day.

Make the Health of Your Employees a Priority

Now more than ever, the health of your employees, both mentally and physically, should be your number one priority. Everybody has seen firsthand the effects of illnesses on their fellow humans. As such, employee wellbeing has increasingly become a popular incentive for organizations.

Some of the best practices employed by many organizations include:

  • Maintaining the Covid-19 rules and regulations
  • Implement Wellness initiatives with competent counselors
  • Expanded employer role as a social safety net
  • Increase in organization complexity
  • Allow flexible schedules to remove at least one more stressor

Also, host regular events for your employees to allow them to meet and discuss matters out of work. This way, they will know they are not alone, putting them in a better position to cope with the new changes.
In fact, many of our venues have the certification Health Safety Label.

Embrace Flexible Schedules to maintain a healthy Work-life Balance

During the lockdown experienced in the world, particularly in Brussels, many people got used to being around their families. One positive thing about the Covid-19 lockdown is realizing time and commitments. As a result, many workers prefer to work from home, while others yearn to get back to their routine with a flexible working schedule. Some prefer hybrid working, working from home, a four-day working week, while others want to control when they begin and end their workday. With this set of diverse schedules, it’s clear that even the most proactive organizations will find it difficult to manage their employees’ new work incentives.
You need to accept flexible work schedules and avoid sending tasks after working hours. Encourage your workers to spend time with their families and allow them to come with their kids to work during a slow day. It would also help to find Brussels Special Venues where you can host a workshop day for your employees and their families.

Key Takeaway

The morale and well-being of your employees are the backbone of your business’ productivity. It is, therefore, important to employ these new incentives to help your employees get their lives back on track. When you want to host a party or an event, you can always find an appropriate venue in Brussels. This platform will connect you to a wide selection of venues, which you can choose depending on your plan.