How TO know where the best places to dine are?

For drinking and dining: Bring on the App-etizers!

How do you know where the best places to dine are? 

Sure, you can ask to locals, to the reception clerk at your hotel or simply take the plunge and try somewhere new. 

But you could also do with this more focused help…

Our  favourites

Restaurants in town

  • By
  • Experience restaurants in town, or recommend evening and dining activities to your guests.

  • The finder covers restaurants in general and focuses on some of the cuisines that are most popular among Belgians.

  • Here, no app to download. We recommend  to use the online finder

Instant discount

  • By Resto Last Minute
  • One of our favourite: Same day reservations at some of the best restaurants in Brussels, with a reduction of 20% to 50% directly taken off of your bill

  • Yes it is possible! The big advantage? It does not come from an imposed offer, so you can order whatever you want!

  • Free , available on Google Play for Android and iPhones

Check the review

  • By TripAdvisor
  • Last and not least… 
  • How are you going to check if the restaurant has good reviews? Double check on TripAdvisor.
  • It’s definitely a rock solid app! 

  • Free , available on Google Play for Android and iPhones

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