Event Business Is Back: Security Too ! 

security on events

The stringent COVID-19 social distancing rules have been lifted in most countries, and the events industry is quickly regaining normalcy. With the return of people to venues, there is a great need for safety and event organisers should prioritise the well-being of attendees. Most times, security receives the shorthand of the events budget, but organisers need to start taking it seriously. 

If you are not new in this business, you will understand that not all things run according to the original plan, and there is a great possibility that you will encounter various challenges. Prioritise choosing the safety management team before making any major decisions about an event.

How to Ensure Security in an Event

Ensuring top-notch safety measures is essential for running the event smoothly without hiccups and delays. Here are some tips that can enhance everyone’s safety during occasions.

Assess the Security Risks 
Events carry various risks, and it is crucial to consider the volume and type of threats you may encounter. Some events have higher risks than others. For example, a political conference has bigger risks than a birthday celebration. 

Ensure Your Safety Measures Are Visible
The main objective of safety measures is to respond to threats and ensure that they do not happen. Ensuring your protective measures are visible throughout the event can scare agitators from causing trouble and conveying threats. This approach makes the guests feel safer because they know that you have enlisted people’s help and tools to protect their well-being. Besides, in cases of an emergency, people know they can get help instantly. 

Match Registration Details to Identification Cards
Request attendees’ identification information during registration to ensure that you only let in people invited to the occasion. Here, you can collect details such as names, gender, address and date of birth. If registration is not needed, screen the attendees’ belongings for harmful objects using a magnetometer or any applicable device.

Outsource Security Experts
If you need top tier security in your events, outsource security experts. Experienced safety personnel offer significant help during crowded and high-risk events. Their expertise will help them foresee and take care of security breaches. They can also identify loopholes in your security plan that your internal staff did not see.

Prepare an Emergency Plan
It is vital for you and your staff to come together and develop an emergency response strategy. The plan aims to develop a useful procedure for everyone if a disaster occurs. The emergency strategy may include evacuation methods, safe rooms, communication techniques and escape spots.
A common goal when planning a conference is to make sure that every individual has a good time and experience. Organisers should ensure that every participant can access every element of their events. Here are some things to consider to ensure the accessibility of your events.

Give Communication on Accessible Transportation Options
Check the accessible mode of transportation to and from the venue and communicate it to the participants. It is good to provide instructions about the most accessible roads and routes to avoid wasting time. The accessibility details are available in the events page footer.

Find out the Needs of Attendees Using the RSVP Form
This form provides a perfect opportunity to prepare your staff and assure attendees that the occasion will meet their needs and prioritise their well-being. The form can have tailored questions ranging from diet restrictions to inquiries on accommodation and parking.

Disclose Any Particulars in the Pre-Event Communications
It is advisable to offer clear communication when it comes to accessibility. Before the occasion, it is important to communicate about various specifics such as amplified music, flash photography, availability of interpreting services, assisting listening devices and accessible social activities.

Accessible Parking Areas
Organisers should communicate if the parking spaces are accessible. They should also disclose whether people with wheelchairs, walkers and canes can access the parking. A business should communicate if a person with fatigue or mobility challenges can easily get from the parking lot to the venue.

Confirm the Access Days before the Occasion 
Even if you have done your due respect, you must contact the venue of your choice days before the event to check that all supplies and operations are running smoothly. It will enable you to figure out alternatives if some things are not good and communicate the changes to the right people.


Venue selection is an essential component that contributes to the success of your event. It is important to have the right location to accommodate all the people without encountering challenges. The venue should get a large allocation in the budget plan because it determines the quality and success of your occasion and whether guests are comfortable and content. 

The location, atmosphere, and amenities ensure the event’s success. To select a great location with the right necessities, make sure that you know the demographics of the people attending. If you are looking for a special venue in Brussels, you can use the venues finder service to land a perfect space that comfortably accommodates all your attendees.  

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