Easy and free apps to join Brussels

Easy and free travel apps to join Brussels

Today,  we focused on apps to help you join Brussels. 

Whether you’ll arrive in Brussels by plane, car or train, you might prefer one app over another.

Our  favourites

Airline Traffic

  • By Brussels Airport
  • All essential Brussels Airport info is just a finger swipe away: the handy flight tracker showing how planes move above Brussels in real time.

  • It allows you to track specific flights, receive updates, stay up-to-date with actual waiting times or find out about last minute gate changes.

  • Free , available on Google Play for Android and iPhones

Rail transport

  • Never miss your train again! Open up the app and boom: it gives you instantly travel advice on the basis of your current position, door to door.

  • Upcoming departures are right there. Plan your trip, set reminders, and get notified about disruptions.

  • Free , available on Google Play for Android and iPhones

Driving Community

  • By Waze
  • On the road again?  You are probably  already familiar with Waze! 
  • The driving community that works to improve the quality of everyone’s daily driving is really proactive in Brussels.
  • Free , available on Google Play for Android and iPhones