Dance Through the Decades at Plein Publiek’s Do You Remember Immersive Musical Experience

Cover of the event " Do You Remember"

If 2024 hasn’t been smooth sailing, swap your adult responsibilities and stress for a truly immersive musical experience at Plein Publiek

Their Do You Remember event lets you relive the tunes of your youth, whisking you away on a nostalgic musical journey through the decades. Rather than singing solos in the shower, gather a group of musical-loving friends for a buzzing night of music and decadent cocktails. 

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Join Bart Hollanders, your epic virtual host for the night, as you explore artists from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.  

Interested to learn more? Here’s what the night has to offer.

Not Your Average Night Out on the Town

Ready to substitute overcrowded nightclubs for an evening you’ll never forget? Do You Remember has just the experience for you. 

At this interactive musical show, you can dance freely to music from your younger days and soak up the vibrant atmosphere with fellow musical lovers. Top it all off with a few speciality cocktails. 

Whether you grew up listening to groovy 70s tunes or swooning at 90s boyband heartthrobs, Do You Remember is a blast from the past musical extravaganza you won’t want to miss. 

A Step Back in Time at Plein Publiek

Have you always dreamt of seeing your favourite artists in their prime? Or do you wish to rewind time for one fun night from your youth? Plein Publiek has the answer to your time travel desires. 

While you can’t go back, Do You Remember offers a portal into the past as an interactive musical show. Using aesthetic lighting, immersive sound systems and 360-degree video projections, the one-of-a-kind experience seamlessly transports you into another era. Go forth and immerse yourself in classic melodies that have stood the test of time. 

From pop to grunge, reggae and disco, pop, RnB and more, relive the most iconic anthems from past decades and rekindle your love for various era-defining genres.

As you embark on this transformative musical experience, reconnect with the songs that framed your life. Think Bowie, Whitney Housten, Britney Spears, and the ever-popular 90s dance anthem of the 90s, the Macarena. 

Magical Musical Lineup at Plein Publiek

The event kicks off on a high note with top 70s music and themed cocktails. Whether you’re aching to bust out your disco-inspired moves on the dance floor or sing along to the soundtracks of  Bowie, ABBA, and others, rediscovers the songs you once played on repeat.

Next up, don your leg warmers and rock on to 80s tunes, hailed as the golden age of music. Whether you’re a die-hard pop fan or love heartfelt romantic ballads, Plein Publiek will take you on an emotional musical ride. Carefully curated playlists featuring legendary artists like Madonna and Whitney Houston ensure that there’s something for everyone to sing and dance along to and even shed a couple of tears. 

Calling all 90s fans, this is the ’90s throwback you’ve been waiting for all night. We’re going back to when Nirvana songs were on everyone’s lips, people danced to the Macarena, and the Spice Girls were on the rise. While you dance away to mainstream 90s tracks, refuel with a refreshing cocktail. 

Head to the dance floor one last time! Get ready to experience early 2000s music like never before, listening to the superstars whose tunes topped the Y2K charts. Get ready for nostalgia-inducing Britney Spears, rapper Snoop Dog, and beloved musical group Black Eyed Peas hits. 

Creating a Multi-Sensory Experience with Cutting Edge Video

Give your imagination a break at Do You Remember as the enchanting experience stretches out before your very eyes. 

Do You Remember’s captivating fusion of visuals, lights, colour, and sounds will seamlessly turn back the clock, helping you experience the music with all of your senses. Create lasting memories and escape to a different time while relishing a cocktail or two!

Don’t miss your chance at a sentimental walk down memory lane with this immersive musical experience.

Cocktails With Notes of Nostalgia

While the music might delight your senses, the themed cocktails are sure to tantalise your tastebuds. Delectable works of art in a glass, these signature beverages are sensational. Each uniquely reflecting different decades, they’re packed with fruity flavours and a dash of nostalgia.

And Wait…. There’s More

Don’t just relive old music; be a part of the action. Enjoy quizzes and singing competitions at Do You Remember. Belt out your favourites with a round of karaoke. If you’re not a singer (at least not publicly), test your music trivia with quizzes!

About the Venue

The Immersive Theatre at Plein Publiek offers an experience beyond loud music and pretty drinks. Instead, the customisable event rental venue organises many unique experiences.

You’ll find Plein Publiek on the grounds of Palais De La Dynastie flanked by the Monts des Arts. The renowned venue once served as a reception area for official ceremonies in Expo 58.

Abandoned in the following decades, Plein Publiek saw the potential of the forgotten landmark. They transformed it into a versatile event space for all occasions.

Since 2019, the space has made a name for itself as a top Brussels event location. It has hosted everything from corporate events to nightlife experiences.

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Do You Remember offers a refreshing take on the traditional nightlife experience, whether you want to unwind with friends, hum along to decades-old music or connect with coworkers. 

As a balm for the soul, this immersive musical experience offers an escape from everyday stress. Decompress, sway your hips and grove to the beat of the music. 

Secure your tickets and join in on the fun at Do You Remember.

Basic Info: Everything You Need to Know

When: from 19 January to 30 April 2024 (Fridays and Saturdays only)
Where: At the immersive room of Plein Publiek – entry via La Rue des Sols next to Mont des Arts
Times: 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm (runs for 80 minutes)
Age Restrictions: suitable for all ages (mocktails available to minors)

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