Collaborating for Success

Photo of Brussels

Collaboration has always been crucial in the event industry, but it’s even more important now, especially after the COVID-19 crisis. With all the new tools and ways of doing things that have popped up, working together has become essential for success. Brussels Special Venues is an association of more than 40 members helping each other out and putting Brussels and its venues in the center of the international event community.

Collaborative marketing efforts are essential for promoting events in Brussels. By working together, venues can pool resources to create compelling marketing campaigns that reach a wider audience. Collaborative promotion can include joint social media campaigns, cross-promotional activities, and strategic partnerships with media outlets to maximize visibility and generate buzz. Brussels Special Venues is present on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and puts forward our different members so they can reach a bigger audience. We have a monthly newsletter as well, with lecturers from the event sector all around the globe.

Collaboration provides an opportunity for venues in Brussels to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. Regular meetings, workshops, or webinars can be organized to facilitate discussions on industry trends, new technologies, and innovative event formats. By sharing experiences and lessons learned, the event community can collectively raise the bar and deliver exceptional experiences for attendees. Therefore, Brussels Special Venues is working on an online platform to enable members to discuss together and share insights, tips, tools and so much more to make our venues thrive.

By fostering collaboration among venues, the event sector in Brussels can leverage collective expertise, resources, and networks. Together, they can build a vibrant ecosystem that attracts diverse events, stimulates economic growth, and positions Brussels as a premier destination for the international event community.

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