An event between heaven and earth? Scale the heights by choosing the Atomium


The Atomium with its nine spheres is made of 2,500 tonnes of steel, stands at 102 metres high, and is one of the world’s genuinely unique event venues.

Indeed, it is inimitable as nowhere else is such an iconic monument capable of hosting such a variety of events. 

We learn more from Beverley Glineur, the Atomium’s events manager.


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Brussels Special Venue (BSV): Since 1958, the Atomium has fascinated the whole world, what explains the Atomium’s attraction?

Beverly Glineur (BV): The many superlatives applied to the monument at its inception are still applicable today, such as its innovative architecture and the technical prowess needed to suspend nine steel spheres of 250 tonnes each in the air, its height, its glittering facets of stainless steel, and its panoramic view.

The Atomium attracts tourists from every corner of the globe and is one of the most visited monuments in Europe. Inside and out, it is a captivating, beautiful structure and its many features from its views and restaurant to family activities, appeal to adults and children alike of every nationality. 

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Room Prigogine, seated dinner 

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Room Prigogine, meeting

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Room Prigogine, reception

BSV: What does the Atomium offer to event organizers?

BV: Contrary to misconceptions about confined spaces, the Atomium offers ample capacities.

Rented privately and in its entirety, it can accommodate up to 800 people. However, it is also modular and you can rent just one of the spheres.

In addition, one must not forget Atomium’s stunning panoramic views of Brussels; not to mention the contemporary lighting, which was specifically designed and installed throughout the structure by designer and lighting specialist Ingo Maurer.

The exhibitions organised in the Atomium also add stimulus to any event, be it a business meeting, a gala dinner, a press conference, or products launch.

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BSV: Exceptional events in an exceptional place – what stories can you tell us?

BV: The Atomium really does inspire ideas!

For example, we hosted the Brussels Atomium Stair Race. This is a stair-climbing race by firefighters dressed in their equipment. In this respect, the Atomium certainly has enough stairs to offer! 

The Tour de France reception held there last summer, as well as a series of events – the 100-days lead up to the tour – with Eddy Merckx as guest of honour. 

A few months ago, rapper Zwangere Guy took a selfie from the Atomium, 102 metres up, after a concert he gave in the Prigogine sphere.

We also very much like to host radio and television chat shows in the Atomium; these are always convivial occasions! This was particularly the case for the 10th anniversary of the “Complément football” Complètement Foot (football extra) emission, on 24 March 2019 with a broadcast of a Diables Rouges (Red Devils) match.

In May, the show “Mon plat préféré” (My Favourite Dish), with Rodrigo Beenkens, was set up at the Atomium.

Also in summer, a DJ Set with Amélie Lens was organised by the “Circle”, Cercle who arrange DJ-set concerts around the world and always in unexpected places, such as on the top floor of the Eiffel Tower, or in Tahiti in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

BSV: And what is the most surprising thing you have been asked to do?

BV: Two extraordinary requests spring to mind. The first was to transform the Prigogine sphere into a real hotel bedroom. 

And the second was to organise a live spectacle on top of the highest sphere, which was filmed by a drone – thrills guaranteed!

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At the Atomium, everything is possible … or almost!

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