6 virtual formats to boost your communication

Bluepoint, one of our venues, have written their thoughts about virtual communication and we wanted to share it with you.

The latest health crises have undeniably accelerated the use of digital content, whether it be events, webinars or promotional videos. However, it would be wrong to see this as just a post-pandemic symptom.

Communicating in a virtual format has multiple advantages:

  • Gaining flexibility in planning and organisation
  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Increasing the impact of your message with modern production tools
  • Promote interactivity with your audience
  • Easily obtain data on audience engagement

Listing all the concepts that can be adapted to the virtual world would certainly take several pages. That’s why we offer you below a shortlist of 6 communication formats perfectly adapted to the virtual world: CEO messages, internal and external communication, product launches, interviews and debates, information sessions and training, press releases and annual reports.

Interested in the subject? Have a look at their great blog article!