La Patinoire Royale

La Patinoire Royale - The Valérie Bach gallery

The Valérie Bach gallery was established in 2005 in one of Europe’s first ice rinks, built in 1877 in the heart of Saint- Gilles in Brussels. Converted to a Bugatti garage in the 1900s, to a weapon warehouse during the First and Second World Wars, and finally to an exhibition space for car collectors, this loaction was declared a historical monument for the region of Brussels in 1995. After extensive renovations, La Patinoire Royale - The Valérie Bach re-opened its doors, Faider Street side, in September 2012. It then, in April 2015, reopened in the rest of the former skating rink : the huge hall, street level and first floor on the Veydt Street side. This cultural and commercial space presents a varied programme of both group and solo shows, which feature artists of diverse nationalities and generations. The focus alternates between emerging and established artists, while more historical restrospectives also revisit the modern era, each show making the most of the monumental and modular space of this ideally located monument.

VENUE STYLE :  Neoclassical
BSV - La Patinoire - Facade