BRONKS Brussels

A range of venues for hire to suit your plans

BRONKS contains numerous playful elements such as rotating mirrored walls, a spectacular roof structure and rooms that communicate both with each other and the outside world. The glass façade makes the whole building bathe in sunlight. 

The BRONKS building consists of a range of venues for hire, to suit your plans:

  • The Theatre with its telescopic tiered seating is the ideal space for conferences, presentations and more. What makes it unique is that it lets in natural light.

  • The Studio with its glass façade looks out onto surroundings. It’s the perfect space for networking events, press releases etc. The Studio can be divided into 2 separate spaces by means of a movable partition.

  • Studio Vitrine on the front side of the building, is adapted for workshops, receptions and walking dinners.

  • Studio Intime is a black box that van be used for lectures, film screenings etc.

  • The BRONKScafé and its terrace, can be used for receptions and walking dinners.

  • The Panorama Bar can be used as an extension of the Café, for a small-scale workshop or as a quiet corner.

VENUE STYLE :  Contemporary
BRONKS Theatre Hall