The AfricaMuseum, one of the most visited museums in Belgium

The AfricaMuseum, one of the most visited museums in Belgium, is unique for many reasons. Not only does it have an extraordinarily diverse collection, but the historic monumental building surrounded by beautiful French gardens is also really impressive. It is the place to be immersed in the rich African history, art and so much more. Thanks to its international reputation, the AfricaMuseum is on the map worldwide.

Next to the recently renovated museum, a beautiful modern pavilion has been built by renowned architect Stéphane Beel. Inside is a spacious and equipped conference center where seminars and conferences can take place in one of our meeting rooms or the beautiful auditory (270 m2). Are you rather looking for a location for an evening reception or a nocturne? The historical cellars of the AfricaMuseum and Bistro Tembo will give you a special experience. 

The AfricaMuseum is just 15 km from Brussels and near to the Forêt de Soignes. In short, a top location for events. 

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VENUE STYLE :  Patrimonial
AfricaMuseum - Auditorium