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Round-up of favourites apps
that will match your needs
In June, we focused on apps to help you organize your event in Brussels. To follow on from this, here is to a choice list of the top free applications that will help you better manage your events, however complex and whatever the place or size.
Discover 6 free apps to improve your organizations

Mobile event apps have changed meeting planners organizations’ perspective on event management. When it comes to event registration, project management, event planning, set-up, meeting scheduling or time tracker for the events team… possibilities are endless! 
Ever wondered: “There are so many options, so how do I choose?” 
Then this blog post is for you! Revolutionary and simple, all these apps are focusing on productivity and results!
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A word about our next issue
In October, we will send advice on how to boost creativity and strengthen participant engagement at your events, by choosing your location for its inherent values and the atmosphere it radiates.
BSV Members around the table,
always striving to improve hospitality
Several times a year, our members brainstorm on how to better welcome meeting professionals in their walls. Our next meeting will be on 13/10/2017. 
If there is any question you would like to address to the Brussels Special Venues managers, drop us a line and we will get back to you.
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