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Brussels hosts many major events that help shape Europe and the professional world we live in.
In 2017, special and major professional events have already taken place, or are rolling out one after another in our capital city.
Review by season: fire your imagination, find inspiration.
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Globalization or protectionism?
In a battle between specialists, 400 entrepreneurs, policy makers and key opinion leaders gathered together to debate this hot topic during Agoria's corporate event at BluePoint Brussels
In May 1967, a fire devastated “À l' Innovation”, Brussels’ largest department store, causing 251 deaths and 62 injuries.
The 50 years’ commemoration took place at Docks Dome
Has there ever been a more exciting time to be a chef?
In May, the 40th anniversary of CHEF®, a gastronomic activity and culinary challenge brought together prestigious chefs at Wild Gallery
Europeans need values at the service of the collective interest. The Missing Scenario -
An Alternative for Europeans
space of dialogue took place at Brussels44center.
RTL-TVI television channel introduced its 2017-18 programme during a wonderful reception at Event hall 10 - Brussels Expo, in the presence of many journalists and television personalities.
The competition for the title of Belgian marketer of the year will take place at Docks Dome. 10 candidates - Belgian marketing talents - will run for the title.
CIOs have become a crucial part of an enterprise’s digital transformation. The ICT Manager Contest at Wild Gallery will reward the Chief information officer (CIO) of the year.
European Commissioners will acknowledge their gratitude to the institution’s staff for their years of public service during a traditional annual event at Autoworld.
The spaces for these events were carefully selected for their appropriateness from our wide range of attractive venues all of which offer atmosphere, service, technology, flexibility and… security!
When a major event takes place in Brussels, more often than not it is in a BSV venue!
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