Coronavirus (COVID19) update | Brussels Special venues

Update 26 May 2021:
We are continuing to follow the guidance set out by the Belgian Government regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. So, check back here for regular updates.

Events in Brussels Special Venues may resume !

This is a very good news: As from 9 June 2021, meetings, conferences, receptions and banquets with audiences may resume ! They will be subject to capacity and events type restrictions until the end of August, and can be organized with no restrictions from 1 September 2021.

Please check the latest official news for more information : and plan ahead your safe conference, congress or event in Brussels !

Information about the situation in Brussels, to improve your travel experience:

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  • Click here to find out more about the situation, please consult the set of rules, recommendations and FAQ (by the Belgian Government) 

COVID-19 update – Make your booking with confidence. We are keeping a close watch on the situation and our spaces adapt to the circumstances. Find out more here