Coronavirus (COVID19) update | Brussels Special venues

Update 7 MARCH 2022:

On march 4 2022, the Consultative Committee has approved the coronavirus barometer under code YELLOW (from March 7 2022)… Finally !
The following rules apply to conferences, congresses, exhibitions, fairs, and any other type of event.

Purpose :

The coronavirus barometer is a tool for proactive policy preparation and communication. Its aim is to provide more predictability to the sectors involved, structure the decisions of the Consultative Committee and make them more transparent.

Code yellow, orange and red :

The coronavirus barometer has three phases that reflect the level of pressure on healthcare:

  • Code yellow: the epidemiological situation and pressure on hospitals are under control
  • Code orange: increasing pressure on healthcare system, intervention needed to reverse this trend
  • Code red: high risk of overburdening the healthcare system

In addition to the pressures on healthcare, the Consultative Committee will make an overall assessment of the epidemiological situation and pay specific attention to mental health when determining the code.

The sectors concerned :

The coronavirus barometer has three phases that reflect the level of pressure on healthcare: the barometer focuses on events (public or private – no more distinction except funerals and weddings), hospitality and organized group activities. To determine the measures, a distinction will always be made between indoor and outdoor activities as well as those that are non-dynamic/dynamic. Other sectors can be added afterwards if necessary. Education and social contacts will not be included.


  • Covid safe ticket will disappear !
  • All indoor and outdoor public events will be allowed at all times.
  • Wearing a face mask will not be mandatory anymore except for:
    • vulnerable people
    • in hospitals
    • recommend when crowdy interior event but not mandatory
  • No more restricted capacity for events


The Consultative Committee has emphasised the importance of proper ventilation of indoor spaces -> CO2 meter, risk assessment & action plan.

Do not hesitate to contact the Brussels Special Venue of your choice to get help, and to check back here for regular updates!

Please check the latest official federal information website for more information regarding measures taken in Belgium: 

For the latest official regional information, please visit the website below for more information regarding measures taken in the Brussels Capital Region: 

In need of more details? Do you still have questions? You can also contact the Brussels Special Venue of your choice or contact the Belgian Government general information number:

  • From Belgium: 0800 14 689
  • From outside Belgium: +32 78151771
  • Opening hours: from 9 a.m to 5 p.m (Monday – Sunday)

Information about the situation in Brussels, to improve your travel experience:

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